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Help for Event Organisers and Admins
Help for Event Organisers and Admins

Setup and Customise Events

Customise your event page and add a schedule
Conference Countdown and To Do list πŸ“‹ βœ…
Hosting a Conference on MedAll
How to effectively market your event or organisation on MedAll πŸš€
Setup Breakout Sessions
Set up Feedback Forms and Certificates
Add an Event Sponsor
Invite speakers to your event
Award teaching certificates to your event speakers
Set up a Poster Hall as part of your event
Feedback summary for Events & Conferences
Recording your event
Share on-demand content
Collect abstract submissions on MedAll
Marking abstracts using MedAll
How to use MedBot
What are the benefits of being a Member in an organisation? (Members Edition)
How do I add videos or slide decks to on-demand?
Inviting your organisation Members to a community event on MedAll 🏘️
What are the benefits of adding Members to an organisation? 🀜🏻
How do I add my Members to my MedAll Organisation πŸ“¨
How do I add Members only events and catch up? πŸ”’
Building your Conference Schedule 🧱
Notifying authors of their Abstract submission using MedAll πŸ“§
Post Conference and catch up! πŸ™Œ
Organisations on MedAll - New to MedAll or new Team Members FAQ πŸ“˜
Get a free app for your conference