Invite speakers to your event

Invite speakers in advance, or during, your event, to give them speaker privileges

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πŸ‘‰ Assign speakers in ✨ advance ✨ of the event:

On your MedAll for organisations event dashboard, click 'Speakers' as show below:

β†’ Click 'Manage Invitations'

β†’ Followed by clicking 'Invite new Speakers'

Type (or copy and paste) your list of speaker's email addresses and click 'Send Invitations':

πŸ‘ If your speaker has an account on MedAll, they will be automatically added as a speaker to your event, and notified via email.
βœ‹ If your speaker doesn't have an account MedAll account they will be sent an invitation via email to join your event as a speaker where they need to click 'accept invitation' and then set up an account using their email (or login using a different email if they have an account with a different email) and they'll be able to join the event as a speaker.

πŸ‘‰ Assign speakers ✨ during ✨ your event:

You can invite audience members to join the stage as a speaker during the event. However, you must be an event moderator/organisation administrator to be able to do so.

You can elevate a delegate to become a speaker during the event by clicking the three dots beside their name in the chat or the 'people' tab and clicking 'invite to stage' as shown below:

Confirm that you want to invite this person to the stage by clicking 'invite to stage':

The invited speaker confirms they would like to join the stage by clicking 'join stage'. They can select their cam and mic and join you on stage:

Similarly, to remove a speaker from the stage: click the three dots beside the speaker's name in the chat or the 'people' tab and click 'remove from stage':

Note: when using Stage in "studio mode", a moderator needs to be present to start/end the broadcast, and needs to remain on stage throughout the broadcast - however, the moderator can mute/hide camera so that they are invisible to the audience)

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