How to use MedBot

A guide to creating AI generated Summaries and Learning Objectives

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What is MedBot?

MedBot is an innovative AI tool that generates summaries and learning objectives based on the content of teaching videos and event descriptions. It's super easy to use, and the benefits for you as an event host, and to the wider healthcare community are ten fold (more on that, here πŸ™Œ).

Where do I start?

Simply login to your MedAll for Organisations account and click Add an Event. Navigate through the event flow and set up your event as usual, including adding a brief description as shown in the example below:

Once you've completed the four steps, you'll be navigated to your Event Dashboard. Here, you'll see the following section:

Tip: MedBot only activates if your event is published; it won't generate content for test events.

Wait for MedBot to generate your Summary and Learning Objectives, and click Re-check status now. It should only take a few seconds πŸͺ„

Once MedBot has worked its magic, it will produce a comprehensive Summary and Learning Objectives for your event, as shown below:

As the event organiser, you have the option to edit the Summary and Learning Objectives by clicking on the pencil icon, or you can view your event and edit it from the registration page instead, as shown below:

When editing either section, the Generated by MedBot icon will disappear, giving you all the credit πŸ‘Œ

Tip: Always double-check the spelling of names, especially speakers and panel members.

Once you're satisfied with your event information, you can navigate back to your Event Dashboard to finish setting up your event. If your event is already complete, you can start sharing it with your delegates. It's that simple πŸ™Œ

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