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We show you how to automate the video and slides catch up content for your teaching and training event.
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Why is on-demand content important?

Simple. Accessibility.

We love live events, but we also recognise that for a variety of reasons, making it to an event at a specific time and date, sometimes, just isn't possible. It could be your shift patterns, your internet connection, family or work commitments or a whole host of other reasons.

That's why we made MedAll on-demand. So you can access great teaching and training, at a time, place, and internet connection that works for you πŸ™Œ

We've also made is super easy to make your event available on catchup, so if you're a host, making your events accessible just got a whole lot easier πŸ₯³

πŸŽ₯ Recording your Event

The first step to sharing your event, is recording it live. To find out how to do this, check out this short guide on How do I record my event?

πŸ’» Adding your event to on-demand

When you're event is finished, you can find all your event recordings saved in your Organisation account. To find them simply,

β†’ Login to your Organisation

β†’ Click on 'Events'

β†’ Click on the name of your event

β†’ Click on 'Recordings' on the left hand side of your screen

β†’ Click on the recording you wish to share:

Note: after clicking on the file, it may take a few minutes to download onto your account. Try refreshing your screen if this happens, or waiting a few minutes. You'll know it's ready when the video status updates to "processed" as shown above.

Once you've clicked on the recording you wish to share, you will see a screen similar to the below:

Now click 'Add to on-demand content'. Here you have the option to edit your recording and either publish the whole recording; or choose to publish a section of the recording.

When you're happy with the recording clip that you've selected, click Next. Here you have the option to add:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Specialities

  • Tags

We recommend you add as much detail as possible so that other MedAll Community members can easily find, and watch your event.

You will also be asked to select 'Access', which is who you want your recording to be visible to and shared with. You'll see a description below each of the 4 settings, but we recommend 'verified healthcare professionals/students' as it's the most accessible option πŸ™Œ

Note: Once your've shared your recording, you will also have the ability to customise your video thumbnail by uploading an image or choosing a frame from the current video:

πŸ“‘ Adding feedback and certificates to on-demand content

We recommend you add feedback forms and certificates to your on demand content, just as you would have with a live event. Check out this article on how to do this.

🌎 Share your on-demand content

If you selected 'Verified healthcare professionals/students' or 'everyone' as your video access setting, your event recording will be shown on the MedAll video dashboard:

The more detail you add to your recording, the better, as shown by the wonderful WPMN, who have tags, a thumbnail, a description and a certificate;

You can easily share your on-demand content by using the share buttons shown above. You can share it straight to your social media account, or copy the link and share it elsewhere. Sharing on-demand content highlights it to those who didn't get a chance to attend, but are interested in watching the recording. We also keep track of your view counts, so you can see which of your content is gaining the most traction with your community.

Questions? Get in touch at [email protected] β€”Β we'll be happy to help πŸ™Œ

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