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Customise your event page and add a schedule
Customise your event page and add a schedule

How to customise your event and add a schedule, image and description

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On MedAll, you can set up your own branded landing pages for your events. These can be personalised with your event details such as images, schedules, helpful links and videos.

Plus, your event image will feature on our events dashboard, and will be shown as a preview every time you share your event on a social media platform.

1️⃣ Get Started

→ Go to 'Events'

→ Click on your event

Note: If you haven't already created an event, check out this helpful guide on event creation first.

2️⃣ Customise your Event

→ Click on Add a description, image & schedule on the right hand side of your screen

Here you can add a description such as information about the topics your going to cover, who the event is relevant for or any helpful links to check out before the event. It's up to you what you'd like to include, MedBot will also help with this 🪄

You can also upload an image by clicking upload an image > select your file > open. If you choose not to upload an image we will add a stock image for you.

You also have the option to add a short promo video by clicking upload a video > select your file > open. This is completely optional.

When you're finished click update and it will save your customisations.

3️⃣ Add a Schedule

Navigate back to your events dashboard, where you'll see the Schedule option on the left hand panel, as shown below:

Click Schedule, and then Add an Item to get started. Add a Title, select where the segment is happening, and add a brief description and the time it's taking place. Once you're happy with the details you've added, select Add Item. Repeat this step until you've outlined your whole event schedule — you can add as many or as few as you'd like.

Tip: If you're detailing schedules for your breakout sessions, you'll have to set them up first.

Once you've added all your items, you have the option to add more detail to each segment. To do this, click on the slot you want to edit, and the three dots as shown below and then manage slots.

Click the green button to Add a segment slot and add your details. Once you're happy with the information you've provided you'll see a layout similar to the below:

Click Done, and preview your event by clicking on the blue link. Your end result should look similar to the below, with segments and segment slots detailed on your event registration page:

Tip: When you're adding a schedule, you can preview your event page as you go to see what the format of your slots look like.

4️⃣ Share your branded event page

When you have completed the above steps, visit your event page and click the 🔗 icon shown below:

You can paste this link straight to your social media accounts where it will automatically brand up beautiful social cards for your event. No more copying and pasting images required 🙌

If at any stage you need to update your event description, image or schedule, you can do so by simply logging into your Organisation, going to your event and repeating the above steps — simple ✅

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