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Template: [Chair instructions] - for chairpersons at a hybrid event
Template: [Chair instructions] - for chairpersons at a hybrid event

Share this email template with your chairs to help them chair a hybrid event using MedAll Live.

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It's so important to ensure everyone in your hybrid event knows what they're doing so the event can run smoothly. Use our pre-made email template below to cover all your bases with your chairpersons at your hybrid event.

We recommend sending it to your chairs at least 2 weeks in advance- and putting the details in a calendar invite which you send to them.

Dear [Speaker's name]

We're so honoured to have you speak at our event, [name of event] on [date/time of event and speaking slot]. We're running the event as a hybrid event using MedAll Live - it means that face-to-face and virtual delegates will be joining us.

You will receive questions and comments from the audience (both virtual and face-to-face) through the MedAll Live event chat which can be found here:

[insert the link to the chat-only page here - this is the chat link with no video stream. You want to make sure they don't have the stream from the MedAll Live event open to view the chat as this will cause sound feedback]

We suggest that you have this open on a separate device such as a phone, laptop or tablet. Please let the audience know this is how questions can be submitted.

By using the chat the audience can communicate together - whether they are virtual attendees or face-to-face attendees. The audience will be able to submit questions using their devices and you can then field these questions to our wonderful speakers.

We can't wait for you to join us at the event,

[Your name]"

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