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Award teaching certificates to your event speakers
Award teaching certificates to your event speakers

Using MedAll Live you can award a speaker a teaching certificate

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MedAll Live helps you to automate teaching certificates for speakers.

Watch here to learn more or follow the steps below:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Set up your event and use MedAll Live as your video tool

  2. Invite a speaker on stage during the event

  3. After the event, login to MedAll for Organisations

  4. Click events > your event > speakers

You will see each of the speakers who spoke at your event, automatically stored and you can award each of them a certificate.

5. Click the three dots beside their name > generate certificate

6. Add in the name of the teaching slot they delivered at your event. Click generate.

7. The speaker will automatically receive a teaching certificate and it will be perfectly categorised on their MedAll account.

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