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Log into your organisational account on MedAll.

(If you need to, you can set up an account to host events at your organisation at

Create an event

Click on Events- to the far right of your organisation account

Click Add an Event

Step One: Event Information

Enter your event information by following the set up wizard:

1: Name

2: Event Type

3: Event Access

  • Healthcare community event: The event is open to the entire healthcare community, and will be featured on the MedAll event calendar.

  • Invite only: The event will only be visible to those you choose to share the link with and will not be featured on the MedAll event calendar.

4: Will this event have an online element?

  • Yes it will be fully online: delegates will join online only

  • Yes it will be a hybrid event: Delegates will be able to sign up as an in person delegate or online delegate for the event

  • No it will be an in person event: Delegates will only be able to register for an in person ticket for your event.

5: Specialities

If the event is in a specific speciality you can optionally include this. If this doesn't apply you can leave speciality blank. This will add this to the summary of the event when viewed by your organisation's members (if you have added them) on their accounts.

6: Keywords:

Enter any key words or terms you think will help people to find your event.

7: Date and Time

Enter the start date and if you are running a multi-day event, enter the end date.

Enter a start time and end time.

8: Pricing

For free events: just enter zero.

There is currently no option to take payment through MedAll so for these, just enter your ticket price and we will guide you to set up an external registration link in the next step.

Step two: Event Registration

Type of Registration

  • MedAll Registration: Users register directly on your event page. It means the rest of your event is completely automated:

    • Delegates will automatically get reminder emails for the event 24 hours and 1 hour before the event with a link to your event and schedule if you add it to your event page

    • Delegates get reminded of the joining link and can access the event easily via the MedAll event page

    • Delegates use a single tool to register, join, watch, present posters, give feedback, claim certificates, watch on-demand content: everything is in one place.

    • You will also be able to send feedback requests to all registered delegates in microseconds after the event using MedAll.

  • Using a 3rd party tool: Paste in your registration link if you are taking payment for an event and using a 3rd party tool to do so.

  • Users will not register: Delegates will not register for the event. The event will simply be available to join at the specified time- no registration necessary.

Registration dates

Specify when registration opens, and when registration closes

Ticket type

If your event is hybrid you can add both online and in person tickets. You can vary the event capacity for each type of ticket. MedAll Live can host up to 100k attendees online.

Who can register for the event?

  • Healthcare professionals/students only: This will increase the security of your chat box and video call. MedAll will automatically verify each delegate's status as a healthcare professional or student so that you can focus on the rest of your event. It works across the world, using verified healthcare institutional email addresses or photo ID.

  • Everyone: this makes your event join link open access, regardless of verification status.

Step three: Joining Details

Specify how attendees join the event

Using MedAll Live: Read how you can set up MedAll Live to host your event end-to-end within MedAll

Using a 3rd party conferencing tool

In person: For physical events

Click "Finish" to complete the event quick set up

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