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How to set up breakout rooms and parallel sessions on MedAll

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Whilst it's great to utilise the main event stage and speak to all your delegates, breakout rooms are a powerful way to run smaller sessions, discussion groups or host a coffee break.

1️⃣ Set up an event breakout rooms

Breakout rooms can run during your event, and you can set up as many as you need. To do this, you'll need to have an event all ready set up on MedAll on your Organisation account.

Once you've completed Event Information and Ticket Types, you'll be navigated to your event set up page. Here you'll see a panel on the right hand side of your screen which includes the option to "Setup breakout sessions":

→ Click "Add a session"

Give your parallel session a name and add a short description

We automatically add an image to the session (it'll appear on the button which delegates press to access your parallel session), but you can customise this by adding your own image:

You can then choose:

  • the date your session will be live (if you are running a multi-day event)

  • whether it will be live for the entire event or just at a specific time. (If you choose a particular time, the session can only be joined at those specific times)

  • whether the session will online or in person only (if you are running a hybrid event)

Finally, choose whether you would like to run the session in "studio" mode or "interactive mode"

Studio mode (**recommended):

  • Speakers join a studio and broadcast the event to viewers watching a livestream

  • A moderator will start the broadcast when the speakers are ready to present

  • A moderator can invite viewers to join them on stage and share cam/mic

  • Maximum number of speakers: 50

  • Maximum number of viewers: unlimited

Interactive mode:

  • Both speakers and viewers join the same video call

  • Maximum number of participants (speakers and participants, in total): 50

→ Click "Add session" ✅

2️⃣ Join a breakout room during an event

Your session will be available at the time you specified on your event. When delegates join your event, they'll find it on the sessions tab:

When it's time to join the session, click on the tile of the session and select your camera and microphone, clicking "join event"

🗣 Using a session in "studio mode":

When a moderator is in the studio, they can start broadcasting to the audience by clicking "Go Live"

To invite an audience member to join the studio as a speaker: an event moderator/organisation administrator can elevate a viewer to become a speaker during the event by clicking the three dots beside their name in the chat or the "people" tab and clicking "invite to studio"

To remove a speaker from the stage: click the three dots beside the speaker's name in the chat or the "people" tab and click "remove from studio"

To end a broadcast click the three dots at the bottom of your screen and click "stop broadcasting"

👥 Using a session in "interactive mode":

In interactive mode, any participant can join the session with their mic and cam on. Moderators have the option to individually mute or turn individual viewers camera off, or to ban viewers from an event. Every administrator or owner on your MedAll for Organisations account is automatically an event moderator.

Those joining the interactive session select the correct cam and mic and click "join event." To view the other delegates, click the people icon on the right hand side of your screen.

Moderators can use the microphone and camera icons to mute or unshare a viewer's mic/camera.

To record the session, a moderator hits "record"

The session will end when the last participant in the event hits the "hangup button."

Need help to set up breakout rooms? No problem, get in touch with [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can 🙌

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