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Template: [Attendee instructions] - for face-to-face delegates at a hybrid event
Template: [Attendee instructions] - for face-to-face delegates at a hybrid event

Share this email with your face-to-face attendees at your hybrid event so they can navigate it easily and get the most from their time.

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It's so important to ensure everyone in your hybrid event knows what they're doing so the event can run smoothly. Use our pre-made email template below to cover all your bases with your speaker who is attending as a face-to-face delegate at your hybrid event.

We recommend sending it to your face-to-face attendees at least 2 weeks in advance- and putting the details in a calendar invite which you send to them.

"Dear attendee

We're so excited to welcome you to our hybrid event using MedAll Live.

This email has all the details you need to access the different parts to our hybrid event. Read on to find out how it will work on the day:

  • Set up your account: Create an account at and verify your account so that you can use our chat on the day of the event. Upload a profile photo so people know who you are.

  • Event chat: Use this chat to post all your questions throughout the day- it means that you can talk to virtual or other face-to-face delegates in one place

    [insert the link to the chat-only page here - this is the chat link with no video stream. You want to make sure they don't have the stream from the MedAll Live event open to view the chat as this will cause sound feedback]

  • Poster Hall: Our poster hall can be accessed via your own device using the link or the QR code below:

    [Insert the link to your MedAll Social Poster Hall]

    [Insert the QR code to the MedAll Social Poster Hall]

    You can like, share and comment on all posters with a verified account. Using the chat on each poster you can ask the authors questions. To view a poster in more detail simply click on the poster and zoom in, and to find a specific piece of work use the search bar. On the day posters will be viewable on monitors at the venue or on your own device using the QR code which we will place around the venue.

  • Event Schedule: The event schedule will be viewable on our event page here:

    [insert MedAll event page link].

  • Feedback and Certificate of Attendance: After the event the feedback form will be shared [via link / via email / via QR code (delete as appropriate)]. Please access the feedback form and fill it in. After this you will be automatically awarded a certificate, which you can find under "achievements" on your MedAll account.

  • On demand content: You can view on-demand content after the event by revisiting the event page on MedAll here:

    [insert MedAll event page link].

We can't wait to welcome you to the event,

[Your name]"

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