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How do I add videos or slide decks to on-demand?
How do I add videos or slide decks to on-demand?

How to add videos and/or slide decks as on-demand content

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Adding videos and slide decks to MedAll on-demand just got easier πŸŽ‰ Whether you've previously hosted a series you'd love to share with the MedAll community, or you have a slide deck from an event you want to upload β€”Β we're here to help.

To get started, Login to your MedAll for Organisations account and navigate to the left hand side panel where you'll see the option to select On-demand content, as shown below:

Once selected, click the Add content button, and select your content type:

If adding a video, add a title, upload your video, and add a description. MedBot can help with this πŸͺ„ Add your Specialities and Tags, and make sure these are as accurate as possible to ensure your video finds the relevant audience. Choose your Access requirements to decide who can find and watch your video. If you have an accompanying slide deck, toggle on supporting media, and upload your deck. Click Add content when you're finished.

Tip: We accept videos in MP4 format with a maximum duration of 4 hours and a maximum size of 4 GB.

If you are uploading a slide deck, follow the same process as above and complete the relevant details.

Once you've uploaded your content, you'll find it listed in the On-demand content section of your Organisation account. If you'd like to add a feedback form and certificate to the content you've uploaded, you can easily do so by clicking into the content, and selecting Create a feedback form β€”Β it's really that simple πŸ™Œ



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