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How to add sponsors to an event/conference

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MedAll have an area specifically for your sponsors where you can gather their information, links and a video for promotion at your event.

1️⃣ Sponsor Information

Before adding a sponsor, some useful information to collect from them is:

You will also need to know which level of sponsorship they are. On MedAll we have Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

We tend to send sponsors a link to a form - we use Airtable

2️⃣ Adding a Sponsor

Once you have created your event, you'll see a panel on the right hand side of your screen that lists the option of 'Sponsors'.

→ Click on 'Add Sponsor' on the top right of your screen:

You can now start adding the information you have gathered here, as shown below. Note: you will need the full URL in the 'link' area eg:

Once you have added your information about your Sponsor, click on 'update sponsor'. You can also go back and edit your sponsors anytime, aswell as adding new ones in.

3️⃣ Sponsor's page

You can now view your event sponsors, by going into your event and clicking on 'Sponsors' on the left hand panel. From here you can click into each sponsor, view the information, and navigate around the sponsorship area. When your event is live, you can encourage attendees to do the same thing — simple ✅

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