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How to build an app for your Education Programme or Medical School on MedAll
How to build an app for your Education Programme or Medical School on MedAll

Learn how to set up and customise your university's, education programme or medical school year groups micro-app

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This guide will tell you how to build your very own fully customisable community micro-app for your University, Medical School or department. Community micro-apps on MedAll are a single place with all the resources you need to make running your medical school or department a breeze — all with app notifications so your students will never miss an update again.


Build your own customisable app for your University Medical School

  • Download the iOS/Android App

  • Invite your department and students

  • Add resources for your students - from teaching timetables to exam resources to slides to hospital placement information

  • Host online teaching sessions with live broadcasts and recordings

  • Create a section for all your education material from handbooks to teaching slides

  • Start helpful discussions using threads

  • Powerful search to help your students find what they need fast

  • Unlimited document storage

  • Keep your team and students up to date with notifications straight to their phones: no more clunky email updates!

  • Coming soon: Group chat

Download the MedAll app

The easiest way to build and manage your micro-app on MedAll is with the app. You, your department and students can download the app for free from the Apple iOS or Android app store.

Invite your team and your students

Keep everyone up to date! Give your department and students access to your education programme, university or medical school's community micro-app you will need to invite them to it.

You can do that by:

  • Adding their emails using the "invite" feature

  • Sharing the link with them and they can request to join your community on MedAll.

When you set up your micro-app, you can choose to make it public so the content you add is available to everyone, or private for your department and students only. You can also make specific resources available to everyone or just for your students.

Send notifications to your students

With the MedAll Apple iOS & Android app you can keep your students up to date with notifications straight to their phones. No more clunky, outdated email threads or messy WhatsApp conversations.

Notify your students about:

  • New Teaching timetable

  • New Teaching Slides

  • Exam timetables

  • Hospital placement info

And anything that is important to your university medical school. Your students will never miss an important update again.

Add resources to your micro-app

The resources area of your micro-app on MedAll is a flexible and fully customisable area where you can easily store and share all the files, links and documents that are important to your university medical school or department — from exam timetables to hospital placement information. You have unlimited file storage and can organise your resources flexibly into folders to suit your department structure.

A few examples:

  • Teaching timetables

  • Teaching Slides

  • Exam timetables

  • Hospital placement information

  • Hospital maps

When you add a file, document or link you can choose whether to make it public and available to anyone on MedAll or Private and just available to your students and department.


To help your students find the most important information you can use our handy Spotlight feature that allows you to add quick shortcuts to folders and files.

Start helpful discussions using Threads

Threads allows you to create your very own social community for your students and university medical school. Threads can be open access or for your students and team only allowing you to communicate directly with them.

Share ideas, ask important questions, collaborate, discuss topics. No more messy chat groups!

Some great thread topics we’ve seen:

  • Opportunities for Paediatric Surgical Research: Who's Interested?

  • Who's Attending the Society of Cardiology conference? Best sessions for medical students?

  • Looking for a mentor: Any tips?

  • Is anyone doing a placement in London? Want to car share?

Run your education programme

Run your weekly teaching sessions more efficiently with interactive teaching sessions, recordings, automated feedback forms & certificates.

• Host interactive online teaching sessions

• Broadcast your content live

• Automatically collect feedback forms

• Automatically award certificates for attendance

• Share recordings and videos for people who miss the live event

• Reach a global audience by sharing your event with the MedAll Community of hundreds of thousands of healthcare colleagues in 178 countries.

Powerful search to help your students find what they need fast

Finally: a search that works: help your department and students find what they need, fast.

Our AI powered search helps your students find the timetables, slides and hospital placement information they need: in a second.

Community micro-apps you can build on MedAll

Associations & Societies

Streamline your member communication all year round with an apps for your society and conference.

Hospital Departments

Run a more efficient hospital department with rotas, teaching, guidelines and more all in one place.

Training Programs

Streamline your training programme communication with everything from induction information to weekly teaching tools.

Specialty Topic Groups

A single place for all the resources for your specialty group. Discuss Interesting cases, add job application guides, exam resources, research opportunities, courses and more.

Local Networks

All the resources you need, together in one place from referral guidance to guidelines to educational resources and audit opportunities.


Everything you need from teaching and exam timetables, slides and resources and hospital placement info.

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