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This article outlines how to create or comment on a thread.

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Threads is a way for the global MedAll community at large to come together, discuss, share and collaborate.

How to join the conversation

All MedAll users can create threads, or comment within a thread.

We encourage you to become a member or follow any community that interests you. Just click or tap the "follow" or "join" button in the top right on the communities banner. This way you stay up-to-date with new threads/comments, events, videos or resources from this community.

You review and manage your notification settings at any time in your account area.

Create a thread

To create a new thread, tap the 'create a new thread' bar located near the top of the communities thread page. Fill out the threads title (trying to keep it concise) and the description (where you can go into more detail).

You have the option to post the thread as:

  • Public – Visible to anyone on or off MedAll.

  • Members only – Visible only to members of that community. Please note, those who follow but are not a member of community will not be able to see that thread.

A thread is linked directly to the community that you post within.

A thread cannot be moved to another community once you have created it.

Write a comment

To write a comment within a thread, simply tap the 'write a comment' bar located near the top of the thread page. A compose dialog panel will open, where you can write your message.

Replying to a comment – If you wish to reply to someone else's comment, click the reply icon on the right hand side of the comment you wish to reply to. Your message will be posted within a sub-thread.

Quote a comment – If you wish to quote another comment, use the more menu on the right hand side of the comment to open the compose dialogue panel. You will see the quoted comment attached to your message.

Code of conduct & rules

If you are writing a comment for starting afraid, please read and abide by our community code of conduct rules and guidelines.


We encourage users to show appreciation, agreement or support using our like feature. Click, the like button found in the top right of a thread or comment to add your like. You can also add/remove likes by clicking the emoji icon below the message.

You can click the link next to the 👍 to see a list of users who have also liked that comment or thread.


If you create a thread or comment within a thread, you'll automatically start 'watching' this thread. This means you'll be kept up-to-date with any new activity.

If an event you have attended, starts a Q&A session you will automatically start 'watching' this thread.

If you no longer wish to be notified about the threads activity, you can click or tap the 'watching' button at the top of the thread page.

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