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Code of Conduct & Community Rules
Code of Conduct & Community Rules

These guidelines aim to create a positive and inclusive space. Your cooperation is vital to maintaining a vibrant and respectful community.

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  1. Respect everyone:

    Treat others with kindness and courtesy. Disagreements are natural, but always maintain respect.

  2. No personal information / patient information:

    Do not post or request any personal information related to others. This includes any information related to patients, doctors, or other staff. Be aware that the details of a case might make you identifiable even if you remove personal information.

  3. Be Inclusive:

    Embrace diversity. Please no discriminatory language or behavior. Make our community welcoming for everyone.

  4. Stay on Topic:

    Keep discussions relevant to the communities theme. Start new threads for new topics.

  5. No repeat or low effort threads:

    Posting should be thoughtful and of high quality, adding to discussions rather than repeating established points. We also welcome a variety of opinions, however, please try to reframe from repeating threads on the same or very similar topics. Keep discussions to your original thread.

  6. Avoid excessive negativity:

    Refrain from excessive negativity when not presented in a constructive manner. Your post must add something new to the community, rather than repeat previous post topics.

  7. Not medical advice:

    Comments, content or responses on MedAll do not constitute medical advice, regardless of who delivers them. Whilst we are a medical community and sharing ideas is natural in this space, you must always follow your local protocols and governance processes and seek senior advice within your own organization before making any clinical decisions. Remember that per good medical practice guidelines: "If you identify yourself as a doctor in publicly accessible social media, you should also identify yourself by name".

  8. No Hate Speech:

    Hate speech or harassment won’t be tolerated. Keep conversations constructive and positive.

  9. Mind your language:

    Avoid profanity. Keep the tone friendly and suitable for all audiences.

  10. Inappropriate posting / commenting:

    Do not impersonate other individuals or organisations, or claim falsely to represent them. Do not post unlabelled NSFW content. Do not use URL shorteners, as these allow content to be hidden until clicked.

  11. No spam, ads or self-promotion:

    Do not post any content that could be seen as junk or spam. Advertising and excessive self-promotion is prohibited. Please share responsibly.

  12. Report Issues:

    If you encounter problems, report them to the moderators. Help keep our community safe. Find out how to report threads and comments here.

  13. Stay Safe:

    Be cautious online. Don't share sensitive information. Report any suspicious activity.

This guidance helps you understand our community ethos. Use of MedAll is always subject to our T&Cs.



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