Content moderation for admins

This article outlines how community content is reported, and as a community admin how you can review and remove content.

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All users have the ability to report content for community administrators to review. This can be found in the more menu on any thread or comment post.

Action required

As a community administrator you will be contacted via email regarding any new reports. These emails will be sent to any users listed as a community admin. Simply click the link to open the content for review.

As a community administrator you will also see any reported content highlighted within the community pages – this is only visible to you as a administrator.


It’s always suggested to check the original post as well as any comments within the thread page for context. As part of the reporting process users will give a reason for flagging content for moderation, please respect their point of view and give their opinions due consideration.


The decision making process is down to your discretion as a community administrator. Do you have the option to:

❌ Remove this content

  • If you have chosen to remove a thread this content will permanently delete the thread, and any content, comments within. This action is irreversible.

  • If you've chosen to remove a comment within a thread, the comment contents and any identifiable links to the user will be removed.

✅ Keep this content

  • If you choose to keep this content, the report will be closed and no further action will be taken.

Content moderation wrapper:

Review dialogue:

A placeholder will remain to give context to other community members/followers that a post has been removed:

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