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Quick start guide: Creating a community
Quick start guide: Creating a community

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to creating a community on MedAll

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What are Communities on MedAll?

Whether you are a society, association, training program, university or hospital department – MedAll communities provide a dedicated, customisable space for you and your members to host and share resources, guidelines, teaching sessions and much, much more.

Here's our 4 step guide to creating your MedAll Community.

1️⃣ From the community page click the button 'Create community' button:

This button can be found to the right hand side of the section headings.

2️⃣ Fill out your community details:

Start with your communities name, description and the type of community that best suites you. Then personalise your community with a logo and background image. You can find out more about MedAlls community visibility settings here. When your ready click 'Create' and your community will be published on MedAll.

3️⃣ Invite your members:

As a community admin you have access to the invite feature, found on the right hand side of your community header (non-admins will only see a share button).

Use the form to send individual invites via email to your contact lists. You can add large lists of members (separate the email addresses by comma or space). Alternatively use the social share options to create a post on Facebook, Linkedin, X (formally Twitter) and WhatsApp.

Note: Sharing links to a private community will never give anyone access to your communities private content unless you explicitly authorise their membership.

4️⃣ Create your content:

Use your community navigation bar to explore the different content areas. Each one give you allow you to create and customise your own micro-app.

Community resources – Add guidelines, protocols, patient information leaflets (which patients can scan with a QR code).

Threads – The discussion starts here! Community threads is a place for your members to come together, support each other and discuss the topics important to you.

Events & Videos – Everything you need to host live and hybrid events. Live and on-demand healthcare courses, conferences, workshops, webinars and sessions.

Spotlight Bar – Promote your resources with the spotlight bar and get these items front-and-centre on your community

✅ Get the app and super-charge your community 🚀

The MedAll app gets your society, department or team directly into the hands of you community members. With custom built features including mobile-notifications your members can keep on top of your updates (for examples, when you add a new resources, threads or teaching session).

Ask your members to download the app today, its available on:

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