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Create your first event using MedAll Live
Create your first event using MedAll Live
A short guide to event creation, set up and customisation using MedAll Live
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Welcome 👋 whether it's your first time hosting an event, or you’ve been doing it for years — we're here to help.

As a team, we understand that planning and executing events can be a daunting experience. Between creating and managing — there's a lot to remember.

We have some good news — you're in safe hands. Our team has tested every inch of our platform to tailor it as best as possible for you. Events is what we do, and we want to empower you to do it too. That's why we've created this simple guide to help you get you started with MedAll Live and set up your own teaching sessions in a matter of minutes.

1️⃣ Get started

Firstly, login to your organisation account on MedAll. If you don’t already have an organisation account, you’ll need to make one. We’ve some guidance on how to do this here — it's quick and easy to do.

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to Events on the left hand side, and then click on the green button that says Add an Event.

Simple ✅

2️⃣ Create your event

Once you've selected Add an Event, you'll be navigated to the below screen, where you can start adding information about your upcoming event:

Firstly, add your Event Name and select your Event Type. Then select whether your event will have an Online Element or not.

Choose your Event Access. We recommend that you select ‘Healthcare community event’ as this means your event is open to the entire healthcare community, and will feature on our MedAll events calendar. If you would prefer an invite only event, you can choose this option but it means your event will only be visible to those you choose to share the link with.

Lastly, add your event Dates and Times aswell as your Time zone. As an added bonus, delegates will automatically get reminder emails for your event 24 hours before and 1 hour before — which means one less task for you 🙌

Click Next ✅

3️⃣ Make it searchable

Add a brief Description and share information about your event. You could include an overview of the event schedule, information about your speakers, or share links which might be helpful for your delegates. It's up to you how you want to use this space, plus, you can always edit it at a later stage. Plus, MedBot will also help to generate Learning Objectives🪄.

You then have the option of selecting a Speciality from the list and adding in any Keywords. These will be visible on your event page and will help other MedAll community members to find your event.

When you're happy with the information, click Next ✅

4️⃣ Decide the format

You're nearly there. Once you've completed Step 3, you'll be navigated to the below page:

We strongly recommend you select the MedAll Live options for Registration and Online. This means you don't need to use any third party tools to run your event, everything is end-to-end on MedAll, saving you loads of time in event planning. Plus, with everything in one place, you and your delegates will get the best possible experience using MedAll 🙌

If you're setting up an event as a test to get familiar with the platform, please check the box before selecting finish

5️⃣ Select a ticket type

For the last step of the event set up, you'll have the option to create ticket types:

If you select No, you can click Finish and set up ticket types at a later date.

If you select Yes, you'll be shown further options:

Select your Ticket Type from the drop down list and add in the ticket details including a Title, Description and Capacity.

Good news — if you're running an online event, you don't need to worry about limiting yourself when it comes to Capacity as with MedAll Live, you can have 10,000 delegates 🙌

If applicable, you can also add in a ticket Price. If it's your first time running paid ticketing, we recommend you read this article first.

You also have the option to add any Restrictions on the ticket. Within this you’ll notice a dropdown that says Fair Medical Education — an easy way for you to offer free or reduced-cost event tickets to colleagues in Low and Middle Income Countries. Sounds good right? Before selecting, you can find out more about this scheme here.

Once you’ve added all the ticket details, simply select Finish

If you want to add more ticket types, such as having an online ticket, as well as in person one, you will now have the option to do this as part of your event customisation in Manage Ticket Types.

🙌 You have officially made your event, and you'll now be taken to a behind the scenes of your event page.

6️⃣ Customising your event

This is where the fun starts. On your event dashboard, you'll see a MedBot icon. MedBot will automatically generate a Summary and Learning Objectives for your event, based on the information you've already provided. Click Re-check status now and MedBot will work its magic and add these sections to your event for you. Once generated, you have the option to edit the information by clicking on the pencil icon.

On the right hand side if your screen, you'll see a Next Steps panel, pictured below:

We recommend you customise your event page to help your event stand out and make it yours. The best place to start is to Add a description, image and schedule to your event.

Whilst we automatically collect information about delegates for you, such as name, discipline, speciality and country (only to name a few!) you can also customise registration questions. Here you have the option to add in any event specific questions, such as ‘What question would you like to ask our Keynote Speaker?'.

You also have the option to edit stage set up. Your event is automatically set to ‘Studio with Livestream’ which means attendees will all have their mics and cameras off, and only those on the stage will be able to present, with their mics and cameras on. This set up is ideal for conferences or teaching sessions where you have 1 (or a few) speakers addressing the delegates. If you want your attendees to have their mics and cameras ON — you can select ‘Interactive video call’ which means everyone will join as a tile on the screen. This is suited for smaller teaching sessions, committee meetings, interactive tutorials or break out sessions.

Last but not least, we have our magical feedback form 🪄 When you click into create a feedback form and attendance certificate you’ll see that we have it pre-loaded with helpful questions, to save you time creating them. However, you do still have the option to edit these questions, delete them, re-order them, or of course create your own. It’s completely up to you. Once you’ve decided on your questions, navigate to the next page where you can customise your event certificate by adding a logo, and a signature. Once you’ve done this, click next where you can preview your certificate before it gets awarded. When you click finish on this set up wizard, you can then toggle ON accepting feedback responses and also the request feedback from MedAll Live attendees automatically at the end of the event toggle.

✨ This is one of our favourite features ✨

Turning these toggles ON, means your feedback form will automatically be circulated to all attendees, in the chat and via email. That's right. AUTOMATICALLY. It's simple, pain free and unbelievably quick. Plus, because it's so seamless for delegates, the feedback response rates are always high.

Next steps, completed ✅

5️⃣ What now?

You're ready to host 🙌

Whilst we didn't cover all of our wonderful features, in particular the 'before' or 'after your event' sections in this guide, we have plenty of other helpful articles which you can dive into in your own time to find out more:

Don't see what you need? No problem, we're here to help. Search our help centre or get in touch with us directly with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we can at [email protected].

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