We're going to show you how to create a social and interactive poster hall that looks like this (with your logo in place of the MedAll logo below):

To get started:

Login to MedAll for Organisations

If you haven't already set up your event > Click Events > Click Add an Event and follow the steps to set up your event.


If you have already set up your event > Click Events > Click on the event

Click "create a poster hall"

Add the abstracts you would like to invite to your poster hall

You can add multiple abstracts in-one-go using the "Bulk Load Posters" button

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet of all the poster presenters you would like to invite to present their poster

You can upload a spreadsheet of abstracts in .csv format to add many abstracts in a few seconds.

To do this, use your normal spreadsheet tool (Excel, Google sheets, Apple Numbers, etc) to format your spreadsheet using the headers shown on the bulk load tool.

The first row in each column of the spreadsheet should be entitled exactly (including underscores) as you see in the bullet points listed on the page.

So these instructions...

....lead to a spreadsheet that looks like this...

We also have a sample file which you can use as a template. You can access it by clicking on the "Download sample file" button. You can simply copy the information into each column here and save as a .csv before uploading:

Step 2: Upload the .csv file with all of the presenter details + abstracts

On the bulk load page, click browse, choose your .csv file and click "Perform Bulk Load."

Your abstracts will begin to load into MedAll. For most events this should take maximum of a few minutes.

Tip: For a small number of posters you can add individual abstracts. Head to the posters tab on the left of the screen and click "Add a poster" button:

Step 3: Send invitations to upload posters

Go to the posters tab on your event.

Click "send invitations"

Poster presenters will now receive an invitation to upload their poster.

Share your poster gallery details with delegates

When authors have added posters to your event, you will see a poster hall link on your event page, where registered delegates can see the posters:

You can also find details to share the poster hall in your event admin dashboard by clicking share the poster hall:

You will see the following options:

  • With separate access code: Use this when you want to provide the link and access code separately and ensure that users are prompted for the access code.


  • **With access code embedded: Use this to provide one-click access to the poster hall.** You can paste this into the conference chat or email it to delegates.

  • With a QR Code: Use this to provide access with a scannable code. You can print out or display images of your QR code around the venue. This means delegates can scan the QR at any time and access/interact on the poster hall from their own personal device - perfect for face to face and hybrid.

[Optional]: For in-person delegates

  • Add your social poster hall to plasma screens for your event and feature the MedAll poster platform on them around the room.

  • Link an iPad or tablet up to each screen so your attendees can scroll through at their leisure.

Delegates can view your fully automated social poster hall using these details. Nice work!

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