We're going to show you how to create a social and interactive poster hall that looks like this (with your logo in the place that you see the MedAll logo):

Login in to MedAll for Organisations. If you don't have an account, set up your organisation on MedAll for organisations.

Set up an event

Go to an event in your event dashboard

When you have set up an event and feedback form, visit the event in your event dashboard. To do this click events, then click the name of the event you have set up.

You will see a summary page for the event. On this page head to the bottom and click on posters.

Add the abstracts you would like to invite to your poster hall

You can upload your poster abstracts in 2 ways:

(1) For a small number of posters you can add individual abstracts using the "Add a poster" button:

(2) For larger numbers of posters you can add multiple abstracts in-one-go using the "Bulk Load Posters" button

When using the bulk load option, you can upload a spreadsheet of abstracts in .csv format to add many abstracts in a few seconds.

To do this, use your normal spreadsheet tool (Excel, Google sheets, Apple Numbers, etc) to format your spreadsheet using the headers shown on the bulk load tool. The first row in each column of the spreadsheet should be entitled exactly (including underscores) as you see on the bulk load tool. Then just "save as" this file as a .csv file.

We have a sample file which you can use as a template. You can access it by clicking on the "Download sample file" button. You can simply copy the information into each column here and save as a .csv before uploading:

Uploading a .csv file with a multiple abstracts

On the bulk load page, click browse, choose your .csv file and click "Perform Bulk Load."

Your abstracts will begin to load. You can see the progress of your bulk load by visiting the "bulk load" tab on your event. For most events this should take a few seconds to a few minutes until it is "finished".

Send invitations to upload posters

Go to the poster tab on your event.

When you have added posters, whether individually or via bulk load you will now see a "send invitations" option:

Poster presenters will now receive an invitation to upload their poster.

Share your poster gallery details with delegates

When you have added posters to your event, you will see a share icon on the event page:

Click the share icon and you will see the poster hall link and access code. You can Copy access details using the blue button. Paste these details (link and code) into your conference chat box or into the event handbook or description so that delegates can access the poster hall.

We have also seen event organisers create branded QR codes of the link so that delegates can simply snap a photo on their phone and access the poster hall easily.

Don't forget to include the access code on the page with the QR code if you are using one.

Delegates can view your fully automated social poster hall using these details. Nice work!

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