To get started

Head to

Then click: Create my Organisation for Free

Sign in or Sign up

If you already have an individual MedAll account, you can simply sign in with your existing account username and password and create the organisation.

Just hit Sign in at the bottom of the page.

If you don't have a MedAll account, you can go ahead and set up your account by entering your details and clicking Sign Up.

Verify your medical or student credentials

You will be asked to verify your medical or student credentials if you haven't already done so on your individual account. You can change the country you work or study in, and then enter one of our approved email addresses. If you haven't got one of the approved email addresses you can upload a copy of your healthcare or student photo ID.

Once you have clicked on the link in your email to verify your healthcare or student credentials (or we have verified your photo ID) you will be able to set up your organisation.

If you have already verified your medical or student credentials on your individual account you will be fast-tracked to create your organisation and you won't see a verification step.

Create your organisation

Enter the name of your organisation, its type and a short description of your organisation. Click create organisation.

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