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How to effectively market your event on MedAll πŸš€
How to effectively market your event on MedAll πŸš€

How to achieve maximum reach on MedAll through event set up and social media

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Advertising your event is crucial when it comes to attracting delegates, and ensuring global reach. In this article we share tips on how to optimise event set up and social media to ensure your event gets as much engagement as possible.

🀩 Optimise your event's visibility on MedAll
MedAll provides several features that can boost the visibility of your event within its platform. Ensure that you optimise your event listing with an attention-grabbing title, a compelling description, and eye-catching visuals. Include relevant specialities, tags and keywords that accurately represent your event's theme and target audience. This will make it easier for potential attendees to find your event when they search or browse through


πŸ’™ MedAll Branding

If you would like to add our logo to your marketing, you can find it here in our resource center along with some other images that might be useful for customising your event

#️⃣ Leverage social media for promotion
Harness the power of social media platforms to expand your event's reach and engage with a larger audience. Share regular updates and teasers about your event on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Create dedicated event pages or groups, and actively participate in relevant communities and discussions to generate interest. Encourage participants to share and reshare your event announcements, and consider using paid advertising options on social media platforms to target specific demographics. If you have a committee, ask them to share too. Whilst on socials, tag other groups or organisations and don't forget to tag us on @MedAllApp Twitter and @MedAllApp Instagram.

If using twitter, they will automatically shorten the length of your url to 23 characters

🫡 Invite Followers

If you have followers, after your event is set up, click on the button that says 'invite my followers'. This will send a message to all your followers, notifying them that about your event so that they can sign up too.

🎨 Customise your event setup
Ensure that you set up your event properly within the MedAll platform. Provide a comprehensive event description that clearly communicates the value and benefits participants can expect. Include an engaging event agenda, speaker bios, and any additional relevant information. Use high-quality visuals and videos to create an appealing event page that captures the attention of potential attendees. We advise you use MedAll Live for streaming and our registrations options

If you need to use Zoom or Teams then you can add this to your advanced settings by following these simple steps below:

πŸ‘‰ Encourage your delegates to Follow you on MedAll

The "Follow Organisation" feature on MedAll can be a valuable tool for you the organisation. By encouraging learner to follow you, you can increase your visibility and reach, improve your brand awareness, enhance your credibility, increase opportunities for collaboration, and improve networking opportunities. The more leaners you have watching your events, the more that they will encourage colleagues to watch your events too and the more they will follow and share you on socials. By having your events show up in the 'organisations you follow' section on the events page makes your events event easier to find!

πŸŽ₯ Create shareable content
Offer catch-up materials such as session recordings, highlights, or key takeaways that can be shared with registered attendees and those who couldn't attend. This allows attendees to revisit valuable content and encourages them to share the event experience with their networks. By making your event content easily shareable, you extend the reach of your event beyond the initial attendees.

⭐️ Become an Exceptional Educator
Events hosted by Exceptional Educators get increased exposure on our events dashboard. Plus, winners of the award receive a digital Exceptional Educators badge to help their Organisation stand out on our platform. With over 200,000 healthcare professionals using MedAll, delegates know to expect the best of the best when they attend their events. Find out how to become an Exceptional Educator.

We hope these tips are helpful! Check out these articles for more information on how to set up your first event or upload catchup content πŸ™Œ

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