Why is on-demand content important?

Sending slides and video recordings after events can be time consuming for you but an important piece of content for delegates and attendees. For those who couldn't make your live event, it makes your event more accessible, e.g. because of family or work commitments or they don't have reliable internet at the time you are running your event Your event recordings can also help to get your organisation lots of traction when you share them with people who couldn't make the event.

You can set up beautiful, automated catch up tools for your organisation and events that look a little like this:

You can also share the video as stand-alone content, using the share link on the video:

You can add feedback forms and automated certificates for on-demand certificates - when delegates watch at least 80% of your video they can claim a certificate for watching the video at a time that works for them. You can also get feedback on your teaching or course, on-demand.

Click here to learn how to add feedback forms and certificates to your on demand videos.

Recording and sharing on-demand content from your event when delivered using MedAll Live:

1. When using Main Stage or Sessions in "Studio+Livestream" mode, your live event is automatically recorded on your organisation dashboard. When you set rooms up in "interactive" mode, just hit "record" to record the main stage or session.

2. After your event login into your MedAll for Organisations account >

> click on events

> click on the name of your event

> click"Recordings"

> click on the recording you wish to share - after clicking on the file, it may take a few minutes to download onto your account. When it has done this the status of the video will update to "processed." You can refresh your screen after a few minutes and your video will then marked "processed."

2. Once processed, click on the file and select "add to ondemand content" :

3. Add a descriptive title to the video.

Then select who you want the video to be shared with. We recommend "verified healthcare professionals/students"

You can also add feedback and certificates to catch up and on demand content, so viewers can give you feedback in your sleep, and claim a flexible certificate anytime, anywhere.

To add on-demand videos recorded elsewhere :

  1. Set up a MedAll landing page for your event

  2. Within your event, click "Upload Videos" (or "Upload Slides" if you wish to upload slides)

3. Enter the title of your video

4. Upload a video (it should be a .mp4 file and can be up to 4GB or 4 hours in duration)

5. Choose your access settings for the video:

We recommend "Verified healthcare professionals and students" to build more traction for your organisation whilst keeping the content within a professional audience. It means if you want to send the link to other healthcare professionals who couldn't make your event you can simply share the link with them.

Attendees only requires viewers to have attended, completed your feedback form and claimed a certificate. We recommend only for paid-for events.

6. Click Add Video.

7. Your content will now be automatically sent to those delegates who requested it and will be available on demand.

The video will be available on the event page


you can share the direct link to it using the sharing link on the video page:

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