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How do I become a MedAll Exceptional Educator?
How do I become a MedAll Exceptional Educator?

How to win the international Exceptional Educator Prize

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The MedAll Exceptional Educator prize is awarded to incredible Healthcare organisations and their leaders who are delivering high quality teaching on a global scale. These organisations receive a digital badge that lets other Healthcare Professionals know they've received the award. Plus, their leaders each receive personalised letters detailing the awarded prize. Essentially, they're awesome.

How does it work?

Every three months, we evaluate your MedAll organisation and review the past 12 months of activity. You don’t have to be a MedAll organisation for the entire 12 months to qualify, so if you've just joined us — keep reading, you're eligible!

Each quarterly assessment is a 5-day period, taking place on:

  • 1 February

  • 1 May

  • 1 August

  • 1 November

If you meet the programme requirements by the assessment date, you’ll automatically become an Exceptional Educator – no need to submit any paperwork.

We’ll notify you of your status at the end of each assessment period and update the badge on your Organisation’s account. We'll also award the Exceptional Educator badge to your awesome account owners and administrators.

Our team review and assess the Exceptional Educators programme on a quarterly basis, so if you don’t qualify just yet, there’s plenty of time to achieve the award.

How do I become an Exceptional Educator?

We love awarding Exceptional Educators. The prize is reviewed every three months, and achieved by the following three steps.

✅ Positive Feedback

Exceptional Educators receive consistent and positive event feedback from other Healthcare Professionals. Attendees know they can expect an extremely high standard of teaching at their events.

🌍 Accessible Training

Exceptional Educators deliver training in a virtual or hybrid format. Their event recordings can be accessed on-demand and made available to the wider MedAll Community, with a combined video view count of 100+ (excluding slide-decks).

🗓 Regular Events

Exceptional Educators host events throughout the year, going above and beyond to deliver regular education. They deliver training to a total of 100+ delegates across one, or multiple events.

If your organisation meets all of this criteria, you will either earn or retain your Exceptional Educator status — simple.

What are the benefits of being an Exceptional Educator?

We value you, and your time. By awarding your Organisation the Exceptional Educator prize, it’s our way of saying thank you on behalf of the wider medical community for your incredible work. Plus, your organisation will:

⭐️ Win an international prize

We'll send each of your account owners and admin a letter with an official acknowledgement of your prize.

⭐️ Gain special recognition

We’ll provide you with a digital Exceptional Educators badge to help you and your organisation stand out. With over 100,000 healthcare professionals using MedAll, attendees will know to expect the best of the best when they go to your events.

⭐️ Increase your exposure

Your event listings will have more exposure on our platform, plus we’ll help to provide further visibility across our social media channels.

⭐️ Receive priority support

Receive support from the MedAll team, enabling you to continue to deliver high quality events at scale.

How do I remain Exceptional?

Being an Exceptional Educator is a big deal around here – in fact, so much so we take the time to evaluate it 4 times a year.

During each assessment period, we’ll check if your Organisation has hit all of the above requirements. If so, they’ll either gain or retain their exceptional Educators award. If they fall short of the requirements, they’ll lose their status. Once a status is lost, it can easily be retained again by meeting the requirements for the next assessment period.

We love awarding Exceptional Educator prizes. Check out the amazing organisations who have already received this prize here.

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