No more printing costs, paper waste, shipping costs or lack of engagement on your delegates' posters. With MedAll's Social Poster halls you can interact with the posters, presenters and co-authors from your home, at the event, or on your phone!

Social Posters are built to make posters engaging and synchronised for face-to-face, hybrid or virtual delegates.

To set up a poster hall for your hybrid or tribrid event:

1: Set up your poster hall and invite delegates to add their poster

2: Share your poster hall

  • Login to your MedAll for Organisations account

  • Click events > Click the event which you have set up your poster hall on

  • When there are posters in your poster hall you will see the option to "share the poster hall"

You will see the following options:

  • With separate access code: Use this when you want to provide the link and access code separately and ensure that users are prompted for the access code.

  • With access code embedded: Use this to provide one-click access to the poster hall.

  • With a QR Code: Use this to provide access with a scannable code.

To share your poster hall:

With remote/virtual/tribrid delegates: Share via any of the methods above.

With in-person delegates: Print out and display images of your QR code around the venue or feature them on screens around the venue! This means delegates can scan them at any time, whenever works for them, and access and interact on the poster hall from their own personal device.

[Optional]: For in-person delegates

  • Add your social poster hall to plasma screens for your event and feature the MedAll poster platform on them around the room.

  • Link an iPad or tablet up to each screen so your attendees can scroll through at their leisure.

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