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Help for running Hybrid Events
How to host and manage a Hybrid event on MedAll
How to host and manage a Hybrid event on MedAll

Tips on how to run a seamless Hybrid event including transferring tickets, managing speakers and running poster halls.

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At MedAll, we're on a mission to make great healthcare training, accessible to all so we LOVE that you and your team are running a Hybrid Event.

We've put together top tips below on how to make sure your both your in-person and virtual delegates, have the best experience possible on MedAll.

If you haven't set up your Hybrid event yet, we recommend you check out this article first before reading any further.

👉 Before your Event

1️⃣ Communicate with your Delegates

On MedAll, we automatically send event reminders to registered delegates 24 hours and 1 hour before the event starts. However, if you're running a Hybrid event, we strongly recommend you contact your delegates with some additional information according to their ticket types.

To do this, go into your Event and then click Registrations on the left hand panel. You should be able to see a button that says Export registrations as CSV as show below:

Download the CSV, import it into an Excel spreadsheet and filter by ticket type. You can then email all of those who have an in-person ticket, with details about the venue or how to join the chat, and all those with a virtual ticket with details of how to join virtually and any other relevant information. It's up to you as the host, as to what details you want to include in your pre-event emails ✍️

2️⃣ Communicate with your Virtual Speakers

If you have virtual speakers, you need to follow these steps first to add them to your event, and give them speaker privileges so they are able to join the live stage on the day. We also recommended that during your event set up, you created a Tech Test Breakout Session, just for them.

In advance of your event, email your virtual speakers and ask them to join the event early for a quick test to make sure all of their technology is working 20 minutes before they are due on stage. They can do this by joining the event, clicking on the ‘sessions’ icon on the left of their screen and then clicking on the 'Tech Test’ Session where they'll meet with and chat to a member of your team.

3️⃣ Transferring Ticket Types

It's possible that delegates may want to change their ticket type from an in-person one, to a virtual one. This is super easy to do. Simply go to Registrations, search for their name and click on it, then click on the pencil icon, as shown below, and change their ticket type to virtual.

If they have already paid for a ticket, you'll need to check out this guide on paid ticketing and how to process refunds via Stripe.

Once you've followed the above steps, the delegate can now join virtually, and doesn't need to re-register for the event.

4️⃣ Prepare any Slides

Make sure your speakers send their slides and presentations in advance of the event to you. If you're running the event with a tech team, you can simply pass them on to them. If you're running the event yourselves, with a laptop, make sure all the slides are saved on the one desktop with clear names.

5️⃣ Test. Test. Test.

Before your event, we strongly recommend that you go to the venue and test out the technology. If you don't have a tech team, bring any equipment that you will be using on the day such as laptops and microphones, and link everything up. Test the wifi, the sound, and where best to place any cameras. Ideally you can have someone in the room with you as an in-person test, and then someone outside of the room, joining as a virtual delegate as well. If you do have a tech team, you'll need to give them your event Streaming Keys. To find these, simply go into your Event Dashboard, click on Edit advanced settings and share your RTMP settings links.

👉 During your Event

1️⃣ Tech Test your Virtual Speakers

Have at least one member of your team in the Tech Test Breakout session during your event at all times. Virtual speakers should join the Tech Test room and check that their microphones, cameras, screen share and wifi are all working. If there are any issues, don't panic, check they are on Chrome and encourage them to upload their slides via pdf rather than sharing their screen.

For in-person speakers, simply ensure they can be seen and heard by virtual delegates by either checking with your Tech Team, or making sure they are positioned in front on the laptop you are using to stream the event. If you are concerned about sound, you can buy cheap lapel microphones for your speakers and link them up to your laptop.

2️⃣ Set up your Laptop

Firstly, make sure you are connected to the venue wifi, and are joining MedAll using Chrome. When you connect your laptop to the big screen in the venue, make sure that your screen is mirrored, so the screen that in-person delegates see, is what you see on your laptop.

If you have in-person speakers we recommend you make their slides fullscreen, by clicking on the icon on the MedAll stage. This means in-person delegates will only see slides on the screen, but the virtual delegates will still see the slides and speakers.

3️⃣ Manage the Chat

Both in-person and virtual delegates will use the same chat box on the day of your event, which is great for interactivity. It also means that any questions that come in for your speakers, can all be found in the one place.

→ Virtual delegates will automatically have access to the chat box on the MedAll platform

→ In-person delegates, won't be able to see the MedAll platform in the same way, however they can easily access the chat box on their phones or another device. To give them access, go to your Event Dashboard, click on Edit advanced settings and share the link to your Chat-only page.

Tip: You can easily convert web links to QR codes with a QR generator. This means you can have the QR code printed, or displayed on screens around your venue so in-person delegates can easily scan the code and access the chat on their device.

4️⃣ Share your Poster Hall

In order for in-person and virtual delegates to access the poster hall, you'll need to go to your Events Dashboard and navigate to Share Poster Hall on the right hand panel. Here you'll see three options as shown in the example below:

Which sharing option(s) you select is up to you:

→ With separate access code means delegates will be prompted to enter a code to access the poster hall

→ With access code embedded means delegates can directly access the poster hall via the link, without having to provide an access code

→ With a QR Code means delegates can simply scan the code using another device such as a phone or iPad.

With virtual delegates, any of the above work, or simply encourage them to navigate to the poster halls themselves during the event by clicking on the poster hall icon on the left hand side of their screen.

For in-person delegates, you have a few options. If you're running this event on a small budget, you could email the link, display the QR code on a screen, or print copies of the QR code to be places around the venue. If you have a bigger budget, you may want to print the QR code on pop-up stands or flyers and add your poster hall to plasma screens by linking an iPad or tablet up to each screen so your attendees can scroll at their leisure. Here's an example of this at a recent ASiT conference:

It's worth noting that no matter what ticket type your delegates have, or what budget your running your Hybrid event on, everyone will be able to access and engage with your poster hall regardless 🙌

5️⃣ Recording your Event

On MedAll, events on the Main Stage are automatically recorded as soon as you click 'Go Live'. We recommend that you leave the stream running throughout your event, to save you having to remember to turn it on and off during the day. However if you do have breaks scheduled, simply turn any cameras/mics off on the stage, and upload a slide that let's virtual delegates know what's happening such as 'Coffee Break, 11.00 - 11.20'.

👉 After your Event

1️⃣ Feedback Form and Certificates

We've put together a short guide on how to do this here. For virtual delegates, they'll receive a link in the chat box to fill out the feedback form, for in-person delegates, we recommend sharing feedback forms and automatically award certificates using the "registered" attendees option.

2️⃣ Upload your Recording to on-demand

We've put together a short guide on how to do this here. We recommend you make your event available on-demand and accessible to those who couldn't make your event on the day.

If you need any further support to set up, or run your Hybrid event, get in touch with the MedAll team at [email protected] — we're always happy to help 🙂

No more printing costs, paper waste, shipping costs or lack of engagement on your delegates' posters. With MedAll's Social Poster halls you can interact with the posters, presenters and co-authors from your home, at the event, or on your phone!

Social Posters are built to make posters engaging and synchronised for face-to-face, hybrid or virtual delegates.

To set up a poster hall for your hybrid or tribrid event:

1: Set up your poster hall and invite delegates to add their poster

2: Share your poster hall

  • Login to your MedAll for Organisations account

  • Click events > Click the event which you have set up your poster hall on

  • When there are posters in your poster hall you will see the option to "share the poster hall"

You will see the following options:

  • With separate access code: Use this when you want to provide the link and access code separately and ensure that users are prompted for the access code.

  • With access code embedded: Use this to provide one-click access to the poster hall.

  • With a QR Code: Use this to provide access with a scannable code.

To share your poster hall:

With remote/virtual/tribrid delegates: Share via any of the methods above.

With in-person delegates: Print out and display images of your QR code around the venue or feature them on screens around the venue! This means delegates can scan them at any time, whenever works for them, and access and interact on the poster hall from their own personal device.

[Optional]: For in-person delegates

  • Add your social poster hall to plasma screens for your event and feature the MedAll poster platform on them around the room.

  • Link an iPad or tablet up to each screen so your attendees can scroll through at their leisure.

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