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How to collect Multi Source Feedback using MedAll ePortfolio
How to collect Multi Source Feedback using MedAll ePortfolio

We help healthcare professionals record multi-source/360 degree/Team Assessment of Behaviour feedback

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Using MedAll to collect multi-source/360 degree/Team Assessment of Behaviour feedback you can:

  • distribute feedback forms online to assessors to their email addresses

  • see an auto-analysed and anonymised summary of your feedback results once you have at least 5 responses

  • send your feedback summary to a supervisor and get it digitally reviewed and approved - if thats important to you

  • get a PDF summary of your feedback for job interviews or annual appraisal

To get started:

  1. Login to your MedAll account.

  2. Click the training tab at the top of the screen (or by clicking the menu icon top right of your screen on mobile).

  3. Click Feedback

To create a new multi source feedback round under Feedback, select Multi Source Feedback click "add new"

Step 1: Enter the details of your MSF round session:

  • Title: this simply helps you identify the session on your account - it can be something as similar as "MSF 2022"

  • Where: enter where you are working during this MSF round

  • Date: Enter the date on which you are starting to collect feedback

Click Next to see the questions on your feedback form.

Step 2: Preview the feedback form colleagues will be asked to complete.

Our forms auto-populate with best practice questions. You can't answer the questions yourself here and the questions on MSF cannot be edited.

After previewing your questions click "Next"

Step 3: Enter the email addresses of those providing feedback

You can simply copy and paste a list of emails into this box, or add them individually. MedAll is smart enough to pick out the commas, semi-colons and spaces.

Click "Add"

Then click save and send and MedAll will email a request to your colleagues to complete your feedback form.

To view results, you must have at least 5 responses. This protects colleagues anonymity.

After giving colleagues time to complete the forms, to see how many responses you have had, click on the from icon on your feedback dashboard:

If they haven't responded yet, you can send a reminder by clicking "send reminder"

Once have you got 5 responses you can choose to send your MSF to a supervisor for sign off and to release the results, or if you don't have a supervisor you can release the results without them being marked as "signed off" by a supervisor.

To get them signed off, click "request approval".

To release the results without them being marked as "signed off" by a supervisor click "self approval"

You will then be able to see a summary of the results.

You can download a copy of the results as a PDF from your feedback dashboard by clicking on the PDF icon.

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