When your teacher or event organiser uses a MedAll feedback form you will automatically be offered an attendance certificate at the end of the form.

To get a certificate

Complete the feedback form you've been sent.

To choose to receive a certificate, at the bottom of the form you will see a "Generate attendance certificate" toggle. Turn it on.

Then enter your name, as you would like it to appear on your Certificate and email

Enter a password and choose if you are a healthcare professional or student.

Tick the reCaptcha box and click Submit

Click view certificate. You may be asked to confirm your login details and you will see it.

If you already have a MedAll account you can have the certificate automatically logged in your account by toggling on "Add to an existing MedAll account" and entering the email you log into MedAll with. Complete the reCaptcha and click Submit.

To see an automatically logged certificate in your MedAll portfolio

If you have a MedAll account the certificate will be automatically logged in your account.

  • Login

  • To see it go to "My Profile."

  • Under Achievements click "view all."

You will see the certificate perfectly categorised in the course section. To view the PDF just click the icon below the date:

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