When your event is over you may want to award letters of recognition, as evidence for those who presented their poster at your conference.

Head to the event you set up at MedAll for Organisations.

Head to the posters tab on the event you have set up. To learn how to add posters you can read our article on how to set up a poster hall.

Add prize winner details

Before you award certificates, add any prize winner details to posters and this will automatically add evidence of prize winners to letters of recognition too.

To add prize details, on the poster tab click on an individual poster, scroll to the Prize field, and enter the name of the prize that poster has won and click update poster:

Customise your letters of recognition

On the posters tab click "Award certificates"

Add the logo of your organisation that you would like to appear on your letters. We accept .jpg and .png files.

Add any extra custom text you would like to appear on your letters of recognition.

Add a signature image (we accept .jpg and .png files), name and job title for the letter.

Click next.

View a sample of your letters of recognition

Click on "sample certificate" to see the certificate/letter that will be customised and automated for your presenters.

Click next.

Distribute your letters of recognition

We will automatically distribute all your letters of recognition (including any details of prize winners) to your presenters. Just hit "Finish" and we'll send them.

Job done!

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