Collecting teaching feedback on MedAll ePortfolio

Collect digital feedback on your teaching, events or courses - and automate how you award attendance certificates using MedAll.

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We've designed the MedAll feedback tool around busy healthcare professionals.

It can be easily used for online or face-to-face teaching sessions including Lectures, Bedside teaching, Small group teaching, Workshops, Conferences, Courses, Clinical skills sessions ....and more.

You can:

  • use one of our pre-made forms or design your own questions

  • distribute forms in person or online, in a range of ways designed for different settings

  • send one-time links so they can't be forwarded and can only be completed once

  • automatically distribute attendance certificates when attendees complete your feedback form - they can also be auto-categorised in attendees's portfolios.

  • see an auto-analysed summary of your feedback results

  • send your feedback summary to a supervisor and get it digitally reviewed and approved - if thats important to you

  • get a PDF summary of your feedback for job interviews or appraisal

To get started:

  1. Login to your MedAll account.

  2. Click the avatar at the top right of the screen and choose ePortfolio

  3. Click Feedback

To add a new teaching session or event that you want to collect feedback on, under Teaching Feedback click "add new"

Select the "Teaching Feedback"

Step 1: Enter the details of your teaching session:

  • Topic: this should be the title of your teaching session or event. This will be used as the title of the event on attendees attendance automated certificates.

  • Date

  • Teaching format

  • Audience

  • Where you were teaching: Just start typing and it will search our database of institutions.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: If your institution isn't on the list:

(1) check you have selected the correct country at the top of the form

(2) you can add a new institution by typing and then clicking "enter" when you have fully entered the name of the institution. It will add it as a new institution to your form.

If its a virtual event you can type "zoom" or the other virtual provider in here, or you can simply type "Virtual"

  • Setting up a Keyword allows you to disseminate the teaching feedback form more easily at face-to-face teaching events. Simply flash this keyword on screen or give it to learners at a bedside teaching session, along with your teaching ID (a reminder of this will automatically appear when you start typing in a keyword like the image below). Learners enter the keyword and teaching ID at and it will take them to your feedback form.

Click Next to see the questions on your feedback form.

Step 2: Use our auto-generated feedback questions or ask on your own questions

Our forms auto-populate with best practice questions. It means if you are in a rush you can request feedback in a matter of seconds. This form shows you how the form will look to attendees. You can't answer the questions yourself here.

If you would like edit the questions, delete them or add new ones scroll to the bottom of the form and click "edit the questions"

You can edit an individual question by clicking on the pencil button beside the question.

You can delete a question by clicking the X icon beside each question.

To change the order of the questions click the arrows to move the questions up or down the form.

To add a new question click "add a question" at the bottom of the form.

You can then decide on the question you would like to ask: write it in the "question text" box.

The question type box allows you to chose the format of the question. You can ask:

(a) "rating" questions (Likert scale/star rating type questions). You can choose the maximum number of stars you would like to add - up to 6 stars.

Using the "lower label" box you can specify what you would like to call the label for the lowest possible star rating.

Using the "upper label" box you can specify what you would like to call the label for the highest possible star rating.

At the moment, star ratings are always required- it helps keep your feedback summary numbers accurate.

(b) "single line" questions (when you expect short - 2 or 3 word - answers)

(c) "multi-line" questions (paragraph questions, when you expect longer answers)

For single and multi-line questions you can decide to make responses mandatory to answer by click yes using the "required" box; or optional by clicking no.

Click "Finished Editing Questions"

Once you are happy with your questions click "Next"

Step 3: Complete feedback and (optionally) send one-time email links to learners from MedAll

If it is important that learners cannot share your feedback link with others, if you want to ensure that only certain delegates can get a certificate or if you want to be certain that forms are only completed once you can (optionally) send "one-time" links by entering emails in step 3. Simply copy and paste them from your attendee list or spreadsheet. MedAll is smart enough to pick out the commas, semi-colons and spaces.

Click "Add"

Then click save and send and MedAll will email a request to learners to complete your feedback form. To learn more how to complete a feedback form click here.

If you don't want to send one-time links via email just leave the assessor email box blank and click Save without named assessors. You will still be able collect feedback either by:

  • circulating the link that you're about to see on your teaching session on the teaching feedback dashboard

  • circulating the keyword you have given your teaching session and your teaching ID

Distributing your feedback forms to learners

To collect feedback from learners or attendees you can either:

  1. Add their email to the list of assessors in Step 3 of the teaching session set up. They will receive a one-time link via email - ideal for conferences, courses or events where you have a full list of delegates.

  2. Circulate the link for the teaching session which you will find on your teaching dashboard. Simply click the turquoise "copy" icon to copy the link. Paste it into a chat box, send on a messenger app or paste into an email - ideal for online teaching sessions.

3. If you set up a keyword simply direct learners to and give them your keyword and teaching ID which you will find in the "Your Invitation codes" box above the feedback link on your teaching dashboard. Flash the keyword and teaching ID on the screen or simply tell students what it is at a bedside teaching session - ideal for face-to-face teaching like bedside teaching or lectures.

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