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How do I change my job title/workplace on event registration?
How do I change my job title/workplace on event registration?
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Written by Dr Phil McElnay
Updated over a week ago

We heard the same consistent frustrations from healthcare event attendees:

"We end up answering the same questions on every event we register for:

(1) where do you work, (2) what is your role OR (1) where do you study and (2) when you do graduate."

Equally from Organisations we heard:

"Delegates just enter quickly enter information when we ask these questions which makes it pretty unreliable and affects our events"

So...we automated it.

When organisations use MedAll to take registrations for their events using MedAll registration, you don't have to answer these questions each time.

When you register for an event using MedAll registration you answer the demographic questions you frequently get asked just once, and only have to change it when the information changes - and you can do both directly from the registration form:

It means when you come to register for another event you don't have to add the details each time and can simply click "update these details" if your job or specialty has changed:

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