Solely in-person events are a thing of the past. With easy-to-use technology and help from MedAll you can make your events more accessible and environmentally-friendly, whilst increasing your audience and reach.

Read our step-by-step guide below to understand how to make your event:

Hybrid: (1) face-to-face live and (2) virtual live

- or even better:

Tribrid: (1) face-to-face live, (2) virtual live and (3) on-demand.

1: Book a room

Book a room for your in person event, and make sure the sound and lighting works with your recording equipment, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. If the room doesn't have any audio-visual equipment, read our guide on how to run hybrid events whilst spending less than $50 / £50 / €50 on equipment.

2: Set up your event and registration on MedAll

Select "Hybrid Event" so that you can offer online and in-person tickets.

It also means in-person delegates can chat to online delegates using MedAll event chat.

3: Add your schedule to your MedAll event page

4: Set up your main stage on MedAll

5: Select the camera and microphone on the MedAll stage. Select the mic and cam in the room you are using, and screenshare from the lectern laptop

Read this article to learn more about the equipment you need to run a hybrid event for less than £50 / $50 / €50

Read this article to learn more about the equipment you need to run a production quality hybrid event if you have a budget of £2-7k for equipment

(If you have a professional AV team at your hybrid event who need to connect their video mixer to the event, you can also get the details they need by clicking show beside "RTMP Settings" on your event dashboard)

6: Share your event page link to take registrations from attendees. They can select:

"in person" or an "online" ticket on MedAll:

Share the link and ask your attendees to visit the event page and click "Register for this event"

Delegates will receive automatic reminders for the event 24 hours and 1 hour before the start time. It'll have a link to your event page with all the details and joining link they need to join the event online. When they would like to join the event they can visit the event page and click "join this event online".

7: Set up a hybrid Social Poster Hall so that face-to-face and virtual attendees see everything in one place and interact as one community- follow our guide here

8: Share the event page around the in-person venue as a QR code to help delegates join the chat and view posters on their own device.

Share a QR code to the event page around the venue for face-to-face delegates to access the social poster hall. Consider putting the poster hall on iPads or TV screens around the face-to-face venue.

It also means when in-person delegates click "join this event online" that they view the MedAll event chat.

9: On the day, set up your technology to stream speakers from the live room to the virtual audience.

Read how to set your room up if you have:

10: Send feedback requests and auto certificates

Learn more about customising feedback forms and certificates using our guide here

11: Send auto letters of presentation to oral and poster presenters

12: Share on demand content after your event

Once you have finished your event- go on to the "livestream details" page and click "Check for recordings"- your recordings of the session should appear.

Click on the video file you would like to make available on-demand:

It may take a few minutes to process. When it has finished processing you can also watch the recording and make sure you are happy with it:

When you are happy with your recording- click "Add to on-demand content" and the recording will then be added to catch up content on your event.

Add the title for the video.

Then select who you would like the video to be shared with.

  1. Everyone

  2. Verified Healthcare Professionals (Recommended option)

  3. Attendees only

  4. Members of your organisation only (contact us for access)

12: Add feedback and certificates to catch up and on demand content

Our resources and templates to make organising your event even easier:

Template: [Chair instructions] - for chairpersons at a hybrid event

Template: [Speaker instructions] - for a speaker who is speaking remotely at a hybrid or virtual event

Template: [Speaker instructions] - for a speaker who is speaking face-to-face at a hybrid event

Template: [Poster presenter instructions] - for delegates at a face-to-face, hybrid or virtual event

Template: [Attendee instructions] - for virtual delegates at a hybrid event or virtual event

Template: [Attendee instructions] - for face-to-face delegates at a hybrid event

[Checklist] Basic hybrid event equipment - budget less than £50 / $50 / €50

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