You can completely automate your feedback forms and certificates - so that they are sent AUTOMATICALLY to those who attended your event on MedAll Live

Watch here to learn more or follow the steps below:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Set up your event and use MedAll Live as your video tool

  2. Create a feedback form before your event

  3. Toggle your feedback to "accepting responses"

  4. Toggle on "Request feedback from MedAll Live attendees automatically at the end of the event"

    Attendees who joined your event on MedAll Live will automatically be sent a feedback form at the end of the event, and after completing the feedback form they will be awarded a certificate automatically

    The feedback form is a one-time link so attendees can't share it with others and you won't need to toggle off responses.

    To send reminders: click on the paper airplane symbol on the feedback form "share" page:

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