To add a team member to your account:

Login to your organisation account

Click Membership > Members

Click Invite new Members

Enter the list of emails you want to invite.

You can invite them as members or administrators of your organisation.

Click Send Invite

The new member must accept the invite you have sent them by clicking on the link in their emails.

Organisation members fall into one of three categories:


Each organisation has, by default, one owner - normally the user who created the organisation in the first instance. Additional owners can be added to an organisation and ownership can be transferred from the original creator, but each owner must be a verified MedAll user.

An owner has access to all of the administrative functionality in the organisational portal and all of the data associated with their organisation.


Administrators have the same access to functionality and data as owners, but they can be unverified MedAll users.

We strongly recommend that all users verify their accounts at the earliest opportunity.


These users do not have access to any of the functionality of the organisational portal or visibility of organisational data. The main reason for inviting these members is to give them access to catch-up material via the MedAll app.

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