There are 2 modes for Main Stage on MedAll:

  1. Studio Mode

    • Speakers join the MedAll studio

    • A moderator starts the broadcast to delegates when the speakers are ready to present

    • A moderator can allow viewers to come on stage as speakers

    • Maximum number of speakers: 50

    • Maximum number of viewers: 10,000

  2. Interactive Mode

    • Both speakers and viewers join the same video call

    • Maximum number of participants (speakers and viewers are the same type of participant): 50

To set up a main stage in interactive mode:

  1. Set up an event on your MedAll for Organisations account.

  2. When setting up the event joining details, choose to use "MedAll Live" as your video system, and select "Interactive video call" as the mode. Click Finish.

3. When you are ready to start your event, go the event page. You'll find the link in your MedAll for Organisations account. (If it is a community event listed on you can also just go to the event page via the events calendar):

4. Click "join this event online" - we recommend using Google Chrome to join events.

An event moderator must be present to start the event and must be present whilst the event is live. Every administrator or owner on your MedAll for Organisations account is automatically an event moderator.

5. Select the correct cam and mic and click "join event"

6. Other delegates can join with camera and mics on once a moderator has joined. To view the other delegates, click the people icon on the right hand side of your screen.

Use the microphone and camera icons to mute or unshare a viewer's mic/camera.

8. To record your event a moderator hits "record":

9. The event will end when the last moderator in the event hits the "hangup button":

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