It's so important to ensure everyone in your hybrid event knows what they're doing so the event can run smoothly. Use our pre-made email template below to cover all your bases with your speaker.

We recommend sending it to your speaker at least 2 weeks in advance- and putting the details in a calendar invite which you send to them.

"Dear [Speaker's name]

We're so honoured to have you speak at our event, [name of event] on [date/time of event and speaking slot]. We're running the event using MedAll Live.

To join us on the stage all you need to do is log into the backstage link below and it will be streamed live to the audience when we go live. To see questions from the audience, use the "chat" link below. If sharing screen and you only have one monitor on your computer you can open the chat on a separate device e.g. your phone. If you have 2 monitors you can share screen on one and look at the chat on the other.

The backstage link is here:

[Zoom link that you are using as your back stage link]

please join at [insert time - we recommend asking speakers to join you at least 20 minutes before you go live to give you plenty of time to make sure they - and you are comfortable]

The chat link where you will see Q&A is here:

[insert the link to the chat-only page here - this is the chat link with no video stream. You want to make sure they don't have the stream from the MedAll Live event open to view the chat as this will cause sound feedback]

If you are presenting your own slides you will be asked to share screen and progress your own slides. If you wanted to test out the technology in advance please just let me know.

We look forward to seeing you,

[Your name]"

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