One of the benefits of using MedAll Live for your event is that it becomes so easy to share your content on-demand. No uploads, downloads, resizing or converting. Just a a couple of clicks.

It means that your event becomes more accessible, more flexible and you can educate more people.

How to automatically share catch up content from your live event using MedAll

  1. Once you have finished your live event- go to your event in your MedAll for Organisations account > click on the "view livestream details" page > click "Check for recordings":

2. The recordings of the session will appear:

3. Click the recording you would like to add as catch up and it will start processing on your account.

After a maximum of 60 minutes the recording will be ready to share as on-demand content. Just refresh the page and the video preview will appear, like the image below. You can watch the recording and make sure you are happy with it.

If you are happy with your recording- click "Add to on-demand content" and the recording will then be added to catch up content on your event.

The below window will then appear. Add a descriptive title for the video.

Then select who you want the video to be shared with. We recommend "verified healthcare professionals/students"

You can also add feedback and certificates to catch up and on demand content, so viewers can give you feedback in your sleep, and claim a flexible certificate anytime, anywhere.

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