How to set up your backstage:

You can use the following tools for your backstage:

(a) Using MedAll Studio (Coming soon...)

(b) Using Zoom

(c) Using Restream

(a) Using MedAll Studio

Coming soon

(b) Using Zoom:

1: Set up your event on MedAll for Organisations

2: Select the "Add a livestream" button

3: The first time you use your zoom account to livestream you'll need to enable your zoom account to custom live stream the meeting (you never have to do this again after you've granted permission the first time) - click here to read how to do that.

4: During the zoom call:

  • Click the ​​More ​​button in the host controls.

  • Choose Live on Custom Live Stream Service​​.

  • A browser window opens that requests the stream URL, stream key and live stream page. Copy these from the MedAll Livestream set up page (first image, below) and paste them into the zoom browser page (second image below) and click go live:

5: Now you'll be streaming live on the MedAll event page.

(c) Using Restream

Coming soon

Top tips:

  • VERY IMPORTANTLY make sure you don't have the MedAll event open anywhere on your device, only the MedAll Studio/Zoom/Restream, as this will ensure there is no sound feedback.

  • There is a short (only about a second) delay between the backstage and what delegates view.

  • Check speakers know how to use the backstage tool (MedAll Studio, Zoom or Restream) in advance: screen-share etc.

  • Don't forget to send speakers back to the MedAll Live event after they've spoken so they can watch the rest of the event, and watch themselves on-demand after the event.

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