We show you how to use use MedAll to verify my event attendees as healthcare professionals or students. It means your zoom/teams/ MedAll Live link is more protected, and it means you are saving spots on your video call license for only those who really should be joining.

First off, set up your organisation on MedAll for Organisations

Then you can set up event so it is only open to verified healthcare professionals.

  • Login to your. MedAll for Organisations Account

  • Click "Create an event" on your MedAll front page.

  • On the second stage of the event set up (page 2/3) you will have the below options. Select "Verified healthcare professionals/students" and this means only verified accounts will be able to join your event.

Watch our video on how to set up your event and set your joining link attendee verification settings to "Healthcare Professionals and students" only:

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