You can set up beautiful, powerful and branded landing pages for your events using MedAll. You can add your own place-holders, share the schedule and market your event professionally to healthcare professionals or students. When you're finished the steps in this process your landing page will look a little like this:

To get started:

Login to MedAll for Organisations

If you haven't already set up your event > Click Events > Click Add an Event and follow the steps to set up your event.


If you have already set up your event > Click Events > Click on the event

Click "Customise event page"

Add a schedule and event description

Add your own event image

Click upload an image > select your file > open

If you choose not to upload an image we will add a stock image for you.

[Optional] - Add an event promo video

If you have a promo video you would like to add to your event page click "Upload a video" > select your file > open

When you're finished hit update and it will save your customised event page.

Share branded social cards for your event automatically

When you have set up your branded page, visit your event page and click the "copy link" icon. The link will start with

If you share this event link across social media it will automatically brand up beautiful social cards for your event like the tweet below. No more copying and pasting images required:

Have a great event and don't forget you can also do the following things with MedAll for Organisations too:

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