You can set up beautiful, powerful landing pages for your events that will automatically verify attendees as healthcare professionals or students. When you're finished the steps in this process your landing page will look a little like this:

Watch our video on how to set up your event landing page, or follow our step by step instructions below:

To get started:

Login to MedAll for Organisations > Click Events > Click Add an Event

Enter your event details and click next:

Tip: If you would like to set up a registration link via another tool you can enter it here, although we will also offer the option to simply enter your zoom or teams link later and offer you access options such as "verified healthcare professionals and students only" or "open access." If you don't want to take registrations, just hit next.

You can then choose whether you would like to keep your event "invite only" or if you would like to "promote your event." To create a landing page, select "promote your event."

You can then add the details you would like to display on your event landing page:

Choose how you would like attendees to access your event:

  1. Add a registration link

  2. Add a zoom or teams link for attendees to click to join the call.

    1. Healthcare professionals/students only: If you have limited spaces in your zoom call you can ensure you get the most out of them by only sharing your link with healthcare professionals/students. It will reduce the chances of "zoom bombing" in the chat box or video call too. We've built an automated verification tool so that you can choose to only share your zoom link with healthcare professionals or students. MedAll will automatically verify their status so that you can focus on the rest of your event. Easy!

    2. Everyone: this makes your zoom link open access.

Add a synopsis, which will automatically add to beautiful social cards for your social media advertising, and a description which we will add to your landing page.

Click Next

Add an image to your event landing page - we recommend 1200 x 630 pixels.

Or you can choose to add a video

Click Next

You'll see the link to your event landing page right at the top of the page:

If you click "copy link" you can share the link across social media and it will automatically brand up beautiful social cards for your event like this:

You can also share your event landing page across other social channels. Attendees will be asked to do a verification step before joining your zoom call. They can join by clicking "join this event online" and if they are a verified healthcare professional they will be able to head straight through to your zoom call. If not, we won't give them access to your link:

Have a great event and don't forget you can also do the following things with MedAll for Organisations too:

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