When your event organiser has set up their poster hall, the corresponding author (this should also be the presenting author) will receive an email invitation to upload the poster. The corresponding author (the author who will be uploading the poster) should click accept invitation:

Make sure you've updated your profile and have a profile picture added so delegates know who you are!

Login to your MedAll account

If you don't have a MedAll account click sign up here and create one for free

When the poster invitation is accepted, click "Upload poster"

Uploading your Poster (and video if you wish) to the poster hall

Click Poster Upload Icon

Your poster must be a .pdf file. It ideally should be orientated in landscape and standard A4/A3/A2 dimensions. We won't stretch your file, so if you upload as a portrait image or non-standard size it will appear correctly formatted by the tile/window will not show the entire poster. Delegates can still click on the poster tile to see the full poster- which will be displayed in the original orientation and viewers can zoom in on any details.

Click Video Upload Icon

You can add a video pitch to your poster which will allow delegates to listen to you present your work.

The video should be .mp4 format and less than 100MB.

When you upload it it will appear on your poster like this:

Delegates can also choose to look at your poster in full screen by clicking on it, and zooming in by clicking on it when in full screen.

Delegates can watch your video in full screen too - just click the 3 dots on the video then then select "Full Screen":

Invite your co-authors to ensure they can interact as authors on the poster and receive certificates of presentation

Click "invite authors" - you can paste a list of authors' emails to add them to your poster.

Authors are marked on their poster with an "A" symbol and also feature in the "Authors" section on the poster.

Get the conversation going by sharing your poster.

The most engaging posters can enter the conference's "Trending Posters" section of their social poster hall.

Click "share poster" and copy the link or share via social.

View the full poster hall

The conference organiser will share a link (and an access code if they have chosen to do so) with you before the event to allow you to view the full poster hall. If you have registered for the event on MedAll, you will also find the poster hall link on the event page.

View the poster on your account

Login to your MedAll account.

Click My Profile > Posters > Click for preview.

How do I get my poster certificate?

After the event, the event organiser will automatically award all the poster certificates to those authors added to the poster. You will receive an email notifying you that this has been awarded. This will appear on your account:

Click My Profile > Achievements > View All > Presentations

If this has not been awarded after the event you should reach out to the conference organiser to ask them to release the certificates on their MedAll for Organisations account.

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