In this tutorial we explain how you can use MedAll as a portfolio to organise all of your career documents, including certificates (e.g. courses, conferences), posters, publications, and documents.

Watch our tutorial on how to store and organise your portfolio documents:

You can use MedAll to store your Achievements, Experience, Education and Posters.


To manually add achievements:

Click the "Achievements" tab.

Click "Add new"

You can then select from this list of achievements

Then you fill in the details and can add your proof in PDF format! Either by uploading them in " Step 2" or by emailing them to "[email protected] from the same address associated with your MedAll account.

Presentations and Courses

Presentations and Courses are 2 types of Achievement that can also be added to your MedAll profile easily and automatically from organisations!

When an organisation is using MedAll for feedback forms simply..

  • Fill in the feedback form.

  • Select "Add a certificate to my MedAll profile".

  • Enter your MedAll email address and password.

  • And the certificate will be automatically added to your profile under "Courses"

For oral presentations a letter of recognition will be automatically added if the organisation is using MedAll.


  • Click the "Experience" tab.

  • Then select "Add new".

  • Enter in the details below.

  • Your experience will now be added to your profile.

  • The speciality you choose will also appear under your profile picture as seen below.


Details of your education can be added manually on the "Experience" tab.


If an organisation is using the MedAll social poster hall- your submitted posters will also be automatically added to your profile once you have uploaded them.

How do I add documents to my portfolio?

You can magically store your portfolio documents with 1 click

To add certificates to your library you can either:

(a) upload them from your computer

or, much quicker:

(b) forward the PDF to [email protected].

So long as the email is sent from the same address you log into MedAll with the PDF will magically land in your library.

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