A huge welcome to MedAll: it's so great to have you here.

You must have a MedAll Account to register for an event or use MedAll. Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

1. Create an account

Go to Medall.org and click on 'Sign Up'.

Enter your:

  • First Name

  • Surname

  • Your email address

  • Set password (Please enter 10 or more characters, including at least one capital, one digit and one special characters)

  • I am signing up as - a healthcare professional OR a healthcare student (Please note that this platform is for the healthcare community only)

This will now take you to your profile page. There are a few things you will want to do to get the most from MedAll

2. Verify your account

If you haven't already, you can unlock all of the MedAll features by:

Click at the top of the page on

'Unverified Account: Click here to verify your account. If you've already uploaded valid ID your account will be verified within 24 hours'

The easiest way to do this is by entering your student or organisation email address for example:

  • ac.uk

  • doctors.org.uk

  • hscni.net

  • mod.gov.uk

  • nhs.net

  • nhs.scot

  • nhs.uk

A link will then be sent to this email address and your account is verified

If you have been invited as a member of a university or training organisation your account may already be verified by the organisation.

Another option is by using the Photo ID (Please note that this is not an automatic process and may take up to 72hrs for verification)

We can confirm your identity manually if you upload a photo of an ID card for a recognised academic or medical institution. (Please note that the purpose of the identification is to show us that you are either a student or medical professional so your ID MUST have your uni or organisation information on it)

Unfortunately we cannot verify you without these credentials - you will still be able to use most MedAll features but not all of them. For further help please contact [email protected]

Watch our tutorial on how to sign up and verify your account:

3: Put your work and education history and upload your profile picture.

Upload a profile picture so people can get to know you and you can be more engaged when interacting throughout MedAll. On event chat and posters.

In putting your work/education will also give a nice little synopsis under your bio, like you can see below.

You'll find your personal invitation link on your profile page. You can grow your connections by inviting colleagues to join you. Just copy your invitation link into an email or any messenger app to personally invite your colleagues and to be credited for their invitation. We add the most passionate inviters to our early access list - they are the first to know about and use our latest features!

5. Add your first achievement, e.g. a presentation or course

Keep all your career documents organised in a single, career-long place. On your profile click "add new" under "Achievements". You can store a copy of the certificate or document associated with each achievement too.

6. Get feedback, log procedures or do an assessment

Go the the Training tab to add workplace based assessments, add a procedure to your logbook, collect teaching feedback or get multi-source feedback.

7. Find and connect with your colleagues

Healthcare is a family of sorts! Go to the Colleagues tab to see suggested colleagues that you may know, colleague connection requests for your approval and to search for colleagues.

8. Magically store your portfolio documents with 1 click

To add certificates to your library you can either:

(a) upload them from your computer

or, much quicker:

(b) forward the PDF to [email protected].

(c) get them added automatically to your profile when an organisation uses MedAll for certificates, Letters or recognition or posters.

So long as the email is sent from the same address you log into MedAll with the PDF will magically land right in your document library.

When you add an achievement on your profile you can select any of these documents to attach to it (or upload them there and then when you are adding an achievement.)

We believe in democratising access to great healthcare training technology to every healthcare professional, everywhere

It's our honour to have you join us on that mission.

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