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Create an account on MedAll
Create an account on MedAll

A short guide to help you get started with account creation, adding your location, verification and updating your profile.

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👋 A huge welcome to MedAll, it's so great to have you here.

At MedAll, we're on a mission to make great healthcare training accessible to every healthcare professional, everywhere and we believe that together, we can achieve this.

We're really excited to have you as part of our community and we've put together a short guide to getting started.

1️⃣ Create an account

You must have a MedAll Account to register for an event or to start creating your own. To do this, simply go to and click 'Sign Up', where you'll be navigated to the below page:

Enter your details on the wizard, and be sure to create a secure password, as prompted by the check boxes. It's worth noting that some of the information entered will go towards creating your MedAll profile, so it's important that it's correct. The name you sign up with is the name that will appear on your Attendance Certificates. Once completed, click 'Sign up'.

Stage 2 of your set up will ask you details about yourself - place of work & role

If your address does not show up - this just means that there hasn't been anyone on MedAll using this address previously. You can add this though by using our location search (Google)

By clicking on 'search Google for.....' - I now have multiple options to choose from. Our search uses Google so your work place or university should show up for you.

2️⃣ Verify your account

Next, you'll be guided to the below wizard and asked to verify your medical or student credentials. We include a verification process on every account to help keep our community safe and secure. Plus, being verified means you'll have access to all of the features on MedAll.

Select your country you work or study in. If a location isn't on the list, don't panic — you can add it yourself by suggesting a new location though either using the google search or by manually adding one with a street address.

Next, enter one of our approved email addresses. If you haven't got one of the approved email addresses you can navigate to the 'Upload Photo ID' tab instead, and upload a photo of your ID card for a recognised academic or medical institution. Your ID must include information to show that you are either a student or medical professional.

→ If you submitted an email address, check your inbox, and verify your account automatically via the link.

→ If you submitted photo ID, our support team will review it shortly over the course of the upcoming week.

→ If you have been invited as a member of a university or training organisation your account may already be verified by the organisation.

If you aren't in the UK and don't have the information we specify, please do take a look at this article and you can contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

3️⃣ Tell us about you

Now that your account is created, you can upload a profile picture and add details about your work/education history. We would encourage you to do this, as it helps our platform feel like a community and makes engaging on some of our features more personal. Check out Phil McElnay's account 👇

You can also add achievements, degrees, publications, prizes and courses to your profile page. Once you start attending events, your certificates will be stored on your profile page aswell.

4️⃣ Invite your colleagues

On your profile page, you'll see a unique invitation link which you can copy and paste into an email or messenger app to personally invite your colleagues. In doing so, you'll be credited for their invitation and we'll ensure you're the first to know about our latest features.

You can also check out the colleagues tab to see suggested colleagues that you may know, connection requests for your approval and the ability to search for others in your network.

5️⃣ Attend your first event

Now that you've created and populated an account, all that's left is to register for your first event. Simply click on 'Events' on the top right of your page, where you'll be guided to the events dashboard. Here you can browse all upcoming events or search for events in your speciality or your discipline. Click on the event you're interested in, and register to attend — simple ✅

​6️⃣ Finally download the MedAll app

Keep up-to-date with all thats going on on MedAll and download our app today!

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