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Converting my 'In person' Conference to Hybrid πŸ’₯
Converting my 'In person' Conference to Hybrid πŸ’₯
A hybrid event can be a great way to reach a wider audience, improve engagement, and reduce costs.
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In this article we are going to cover the Why and How (Why convert your conference to Hybrid and How to you convert your conference to Hybrid (including the technical side plus changes to your event set up)

❓ Why change your incredible planned out conference to Hybrid?

  • Increased reach: A hybrid event can reach a wider audience than an in-person event alone. This is because virtual attendees can watch the event from anywhere in the world.

  • Improved engagement: Virtual attendees can interact with the speakers and other attendees through chat, polls, and other features. This can help to improve engagement and learning.

  • Reduced costs: Hybrid events can be more cost-effective than in-person events. This is because virtual attendees do not need to travel to the event location.

  • Increased flexibility: By choosing Hybrid, this means that your event is also being recorded and can be shared as catch up allowing the Healthcare Community, where ever they are in the world, to watch the event at their own convenience.

There are many reasons why medical conferences should consider moving to a hybrid format. By doing so, they can help to ensure that all medical professionals have access to the same high-quality educational opportunities, regardless of their location or ability.

A core value at MedAll is including those of our medical family who are in Low or Middle Income Countries in as much as we can. By converting your Conference to hybrid, you stand with us to make this happen. By including a Fair Medical Education ticket to your event and streaming it on our platform YOU help to ensure that all medical professionals, regardless of their location, have access to the same high-quality educational opportunities. This is especially important in today's world, where there is a growing demand for medical education and training.

▢️ At MedAll this can be done with or without an AV team.

If you have an AV team already booked it costs very little (if anything) for them to stream out an event using our professional streaming option (RTMPS)

No AV team? No worries!:

You will need a microphone for your speaker and a camera that can view the speaker and the main stage screen (assuming this is where your presenter will have their slides) As you were already planning the in person set up, you just need to do a couple more things

  1. Connect main stage mic to laptop

  2. Set up camera in room and connect to laptop

  3. Open event on MedAll using same laptop and 'join stage'

  4. Now share your entire screen with both camera and mic from live event streamed in and 'go live' within MedAll

▢️ Changes to your event on MedAll

  • Edit the event set to now be a Hybrid Event

  • Add your online ticket. If you would like to include free tickets for our Fair Medical Education community, you can do this under 'Restrictions'.

Thats it - people can register to attend your event virtually

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