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Hosting for the first time? Then this article is for you! We'll go through 'going live', recording, slide sharing, mic & cam and more
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🙏 Thank You for choosing MedAll to host your event - we are delighted that we can be part of it. We love that through your event, others are learning and gaining additional knowledge to ensure that the Healthcare community worldwide continues to grow.

✔️ 1 - Ensure all your chairs are moderators or admins of your organisation. Only moderators and admins can click on 'go live' and record the event. This applies to both main stage and sessions. Also make sure they are a verified MedAll user so that they can use the chat function. Please ensure your speakers are verified too so they can respond in the chat. If you need any speakers verified, please just email me and we can get this sorted.

✔️ 2 - You are not 'live' to your audience until you click on 'Go live'. This will turn red and you are then live. This also means you are recording too

✔️ 3 - We strongly recommend that you have a) copy of your speakers slides in PDF format & b) encourage your speakers to use the 'share slides' option (this works for those slides that have no animations. Your speaker will need to save their slides in PDF format and upload them). By sharing slides in this way it allows your speaker to still be able to view the chat, polls & people.

✔️ 4 - Tech test session - its advisable for you to ask your speakers to come 30mins before they are due to speak to a tech test session or if they are the only speakers, ask them to meet you on the main stage. This will give you time to do a mic and cam check and ensure they can share slides. Below are a few helpful articles to have at hand

✔️ 5- Please use a Laptop and Google chrome. This is encouraged for all your chairs, moderators & speakers. Also, please ensure your speakers wifi is a strong connection. If they are in the workplace there may be firewalls which might cause some issues. If you would like some ideas of a 'plan B' for your speaker - let me know.

✔️ 6 - If a person is on the stage and their mic and cam are off - delegates will not see them. Only those on the stage (within the call) will know that there is another person there. This is ideal for lining up your speakers so there is not a pause when the next speaker joins. They just turn on their Mic & Cam when intro'd and they can start sharing

✔️ 7 - Your event chat is set automatically to 'verified users' if you wish to change this you can choose between Everyone or Disable

✔️ 8 - If you are planning to upload your videos after the event, be mindful to thank your speaker and allow them off the screen before intro'ing your next speaker. This allows you to edit your video easier.

✔️ 9 - Encourage your delegates to follow you on MedAll as they will then be notified about your next event or when you have catch up

🆓 If you would like us to upload your video as Open Access with feedback and attendance certificate - please email [email protected] and we will happily do this for you free of charge.

🙋 If you have any questions at all - please do reach out on [email protected].

👀 Also, if you would like us to take a quick look at your event, please do let us know, we are more than happy to do this.

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