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How do I create a template for my feedback form and certificate?
How do I create a template for my feedback form and certificate?
How to create multi-use templates for feedback forms and certificates which
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Want to save some admin time? We've got you covered 🀝 It's now easier than ever to set up, and use templates for your feedback forms and certificates πŸ™Œ

Log into your MedAll for Organisations account and navigate towards the panel shown on the left of your screen, which shows Templates:

Select Feedback forms and then the green button which says Add a template βœ…

Give your template a name which is easy for you to reference in the future, such as 'short version'. You can also add a description, and the option to make it a default template for on-demand content.

Customise your questions, by moving, editing, updating, deleting or adding, and once you're finished, simply click Create. You can do some final checks and edits, and when you're happy with your template, close the wizard by clicking the X.

Simply repeat this step to add as many templates as you would like πŸ”

For Certificates, the same format applies. Give your certificate an easy template name, add your custom logos and signatures and save the template.

When setting up your next event you will now have the option to use your templates as shown below:

Simple πŸ™Œ

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