Polls are super easy to add to your event. As a Moderator or Speaker you can add a poll either before or during the event and you can also 'queue' them up and release them when you want.

Adding a poll to your event

In the chat - click on 'Polls'

Click on 'Create a Poll' at the bottom of the chat

Add a question and answers to your poll and choose 'start polling' or 'add to queue'

Once you've clicked on 'Start Polling' delegates will be asked to choose an answer. Delegates will not be able to see answers until they have submitted their answer. The poll will show up in both the 'messages' and the 'polls' tab

Once answers are submitted then the percentage starts to change:

If you wish to 'Queue' the Poll after having started polling you can still return it to the queue.

You can also stop polling or delete a poll.

You can then start polling again when you're ready

If you have questions, please do reach out to [email protected]

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