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How do I share a video during an event?
How do I share a video during an event?

We show you how to share a video during an event on MedAll

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We recommend using Google Chrome to run your MedAll event.

These are our recommended steps to share a video with audio from the MedAll studio:

1. Open the .mp4 video file in Google Chrome (you can simply drag the file into your Google Chrome browser to do this).

2. Next, open MedAll and click on the Screenshare button

3. Click Chrome Tab then

(a) select the tab with your video in it

(b) click share tab audio

(c) click share

4. Click Play on the video in your chrome tab and it will play for the viewers who are watching it being shared on MedAll.

We recommend muting your mic whilst sharing video from a chrome tab (note: if you are sharing a video from a window or your entire screen, you need to be unmuted for the audience to hear the video audio - this is different if you are sharing a chrome tab).

However, if you do wish to speak over the video and are leaving your mic unmuted, there is a risk of echo. To minimise this we recommend:

  • Muting your mic when not speaking

  • Use headphones

  • Lower your speaker volume


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