How do I share my slides?
If you just have one screen, we show you how to share your powerpoint and see the MedAll chat at the same time.
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We recommend sharing slides using MedAll Slide Share. It avoids needing any permissions changes on your computer and allows you as a speaker to see all the chat questions and MedAll event without everyone seeing your entire screen.

Quick summary

To share slides using MedAll slide share - RECOMMENDED

  1. First up, save your slides as a PDF - it means all the formatting will be perfect

  2. Click the "Present Now" icon

  3. Click Share Slides

  4. Select your slides file

  5. The slides will upload into MedAll. As soon as slide 4 has processed you can click "present now" and start presenting whilst the remaining slides upload in the background.

Watch it in action here:

Want to share your powerpoint by sharing your screen (only recommended if you have a video or audio and therefore don't want to share via MedAll slide share)?

Otherwise, trust us - use MedAll slide share - its new, but so much easier than sharing screen- and actually saves bandwidth too!)

If using Google Chrome, you can use these steps to share your slides in a way that allows you to see both the event page on MedAll and your slides at the same time, whilst allowing attendees to see your slides in full screen.

1. Open powerpoint and click Reading View at the bottom of your Powerpoint window or the top of your screen. Your presentation will then open as a movable window instead of it taking up your whole screen, allowing you to place powerpoint and MedAll side by side:


2. Next, open MedAll and click on the Screenshare button

3. Click Application Window and select your Powerpoint

4. After you click on your Powerpoint, click Share.

If the share button is still grey, you likely haven't yet clicked on the window, tab or desktop thumbnail that you would like to share.

5. Now you can resize your powerpoint and Chrome/MedAll windows so that you can watch the chat whilst delegates see your presentation in full screen.

Tip for screensharing on Macs:

If you've never done so, you will need to allow your browser (preferably Google Chrome) permissions to access Screen Recording:

> Open System preferences

> Security & Privacy > Privacy

> Screen Recording on the left side, click the lock to make changes and check the box next to the browser (Google Chrome preferably)

Using Google Slides or Keynote? Read these articles instead:

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